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Mind over matter

Hey all,

I was just reading the posts, especially the ones from new dieters and as a dieter of many years, I would like to offer some words of advice if that's ok.

When I first started dieting all I could think about was food, morning, noon and night. I became obsessed with the fact I couldn't eat certain things and craved them more. You would find me usually in the chocolate aisle or bakery section of the supermarket, crying and drooling over all the forbidden foods on display. The rest of the time I was the dieter from hell, hating on sight anyone who was either skinny or filling their face with anything fattening. If this sounds familiar then your're not alone.

After 30 years of dieting at least every other year I have finally found what I should have been doing all along, and that's just don't think about it.

I know it sounds too simple but since 23rd January I've lost 1st 6lbs and I've just made up rules that suited me.

Firstly, I don't think about food unless it's time to eat and then grab something nutritious and low calorie. I never spend hours cooking as it means I'm thinking about food and I'll end up grazing. Get a cheap notebook and write the day, time and what you ate. Also what your daily weight is. It's been a great help seeing it all in black and white, but, BE HONEST!

Secondly, find something you like to do at home while sitting down, take up reading more or knitting for example. I'm a glutton for books and You Tube in that order. Anything that occupies your mind and makes you happy.

Thirdly, try not to watch too much TV. I know it sounds silly but the food adverts are the things that really get to me and yet I can watch Masterchef no problem.

Fourth and final, weigh in every day. I know that weightwatchers etc. recommend once a week but studies have shown that dieters do better when they weigh themselves everyday. Weight fluctuates a few ounces here and there and you can get to know what your body is doing on a daily basis. Weighing every day has given me so much more incentive because I know I'll see the results of my diet straight away.

Well, there you have it. My advice for what it's worth. By making food a smaller part of my life I think I'll succeed this time. Keep your eyes on the prize guys and thanks for reading. X

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My sentiments exactly ! Have resumed knitting whilst watching Poldark - not a bar of chocolate in sight - makes the knitting messy. I think that is sound advice. Living our lives is the most important thing and the obsession with what you can and can't eat just takes up valuable space in the brain. All sound advice :D

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Sound advice. I feel too much empathise is place on food. When I was young there was never popcorn with a film, rustle of sweet papers frowned upon.

Meals were radio all 'meat and two veg' vegetarian savoury and the rare treat of fish and chips. Some women had a weekly plan so over the week it naturally was balanced, fresh and cooked from scratch. Some nights thick soup with lentils etc.

And yes women did work, with men away at war, they did everything!

No ready meals, no freezers but no TV either. Relaxation was preparing food or ironing to the sound of radio. Exercise incorporated no gym.

Food was well cooked or not depending on the cook. Walking was the norm, few had cars.

I AM NOT suggesting going backwards but there are elements we could include in our lives. We have made life complicated by too much choice. Families ate what was offered or not eat.

Sounds hard? Too much choice can be stressful! Do we really really need a whole aisle of soap powders?

Treats really were treats because the were rare. My Gran used to say a little of wat you fancy does you good, this gran says remember the little.

if diets work SW and WW would go out of business. Counting calories, points and sins send the wrong messages to the brain, drains self esteem in the process.

Relax, enjoy, have time to smell the flowers!

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Well said Alice37 & I absolutely concur. The worlds gone mad. Profit has of course always been the focus NOT a users wellbeing & the majority of us are the bate for these high profit making, yet unsustainable diets & the so called ready prepared low fat meals. How many times have I been there! Common sense prevails through sensible planning, shopping, eating & exercising - none of which need to be expensive & our reward is good health, feeling happy & at one with ourselves. Come on folks this is our wake up call to smell the flowers!


We seemed to have less food in the past but we still had some roly poly relations though!!


I will definately take you advice on board. I think about food all the time, i plan meals and mentally image the food in the house.

I am even planning tomorrows meals .


I agree with so much of what you have said. I have spent 40th plus years dieting on and off, at my lowest 11st 7lbs and at my highest twice hitting 22st 10lb!

I think with a good knowledge of high calorie foods, so you don't make any silly choices, controlling your portion sizes and eating healthy food is the way forward. The occasional treat on a special occasion is OK but don't let it get out of hand. What I have to guard against is my inner demon that tries to tell me I should eat cake/biscuit and then why not finish the whole lot now I've started.

I am in a good place at the moment and have lost 6 1/2st in the last 17 months, with a few increases at holidays and Christmas'.

It's great to realise that I am not alone with my struggles and I hope that together we can help each other.

Best wishes, R xx

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What have u been eating to lose ur weight


Hi Bron78,

I normally drink fruit tea or water with a low cal chocolate drink at night,

Breakfast is a 60g bowl of fruit & fibre cereal, raspberries & blueberries and skimmed milk.

Lunch - 2 slices granery bread (no spread) lean ham, mackerel, chicken or occasionally small amont of reduced fat cheese, with salad. Plus a piece or two of fruit.

Dinner - Grilled meat or fish with any fat removed, 3 pieces of potatoe and 3 or 4 other veg. Pasta with lean mince in a low cal sauce and added veg.

When I do a roast I dry bake roast potatoes, cook as normal just put on non stick sheet in the oven with out fat. I have Yorkshire puddings, made with skimmed milk, I just spray a non-stick bun tin with one-cal spray.

Snacks are either fruit, a low cal yoguart or quavers.

I have gradually cut down my cereal and bread down to these levels. I also take a multivitamin and vitamin D tablet each day, this was on the advise of my NHS dietitian.

All this of course is of course on a good day. I do allow myself a treat if we go out, a scone with no butter or sometimes even a bit of cake. I think if I did't do this occasionally I would just go totally of the rails in the end. I'm in this for the long slog!

I hope this has been some help, do message me if you want to chat at an time.

Best wishes, Ros


Hi ellandrhia,

Thank you for your advice, I will really try and take it on board! It's so hard not to think about food particularly as for me it has definitely become an emotional relationship. I am trying to break that cycle, keeping myself busy and doing OK at the moment but it's early days for me as I too have spent the last few years yoyo dieting.

I know what you mean about TV, it's almost like torture as every other advert is for really bad for you food! I'm even leaving off Masterchef, I can handle the savoury stuff but when it comes to the puddings...!

As for weighing yourself every day, do you not get too obsessed? I've done it before, I was on a particularly silly diet where you don't eat at all,but it didn't go well mentally.

Indefinitely agree with making food a smaller part of life, also that making healthy choices is a positive thing, not a punishment! You seem so positive about it, I'm sure you will succeed, best of luck with reaching your goals 🌸


hi their just read your post i'm diabetic and have been for some years now, i've been dieting for the last 6 1/2 years and lost 7 stone, i've tried weight watchers no good slimming world no good two months ago i went on slim-fast and just in a month of starting this diet i've lost two and 1/2 stone, watching things on TV doesn't bother me self control is what work best for me. well done for your hard work you will get their in the end, but try self control and i weight myself every two weeks on a Thursday morning and i find it great when the scales keep going down and down. my weight is 20 stone 11 1/2 pounds but the reason i'm losing mind has quickly as possibly i've got an hernia and i'm waiting for an operation keep up the good work that help you to diet.


Thank you for your advice and you've given me lots to think about. I used to weigh myself 3 to 4 times a week but find it much better doing it once a week as I can work towards my goal throughout the week. Whatever works for you is the answer I reckon. x


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