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looking for support to lose weight

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hey, i am trying to lose weight im 23 and i have tryed every diet around. i have join here some some support and advice. i need to lose weight for myself and health reasons. i have problems with my back, hips and joints. doctors are unsure what is wrong with me but i think losing my excuse weight will help a lot. i take painkillers 4 times a day. im hoping ill be able to reduce them when i have lose the weight. i would like to meet some new people on here and be able to suport each other.

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Hi Chantellek2007,

You have come to the right place, I'm in my second week of the NHS 12 week plan and the people on here are lovely and supportive! I have also been on lots of diets, resulting in my weight yo-yo-ing and creeping up further. Have you looked at the NHS plan? I am following it using my fitness pal to count my calories, I've stopped eating starchy carbohydrate and have started exercising for at least 10mins a day (trying to increase that now). I have lost 5lb already.

Sorry to hear you are suffering from joint pain, trying to get more active may help with that as well as help weight loss too, I've got a knee injury so have been sticking to static cycling until I recover. Is that doable for you? Or maybe swimming as there is no impact on your joints and the water supports you.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do, looking forward to hearing how you get on 🌸

thank you anna999, i have recently joined my local gym a very big step for me, i feel and think is looking at me and saying nasty things. i have just been put on to some new painkillers seem to be working better and in a little less pain. giving myself a few weeks to let the new tablets have there full affect, then back to the gym and swimming. i am able to do the bike and cross trainer for a few minutes at med speed looking to slowly build on this. i have started it walk more. just trying to stay positive and keep going with it. i hope your knee is not to painful and you are recovering well, i have downloaded my fitness pal app on my phone and also the nhs plan. i have also bought myself a dairy to write all the things i eat and drink down as a visual aid. I hope you are doing well on your weight loss. i wish you all the best. 🌺

I think you got it down to a fine art. Well organised. Good on you. I have started my eleven week, and am still smiling. You will be alright

Thank you, I'm feeling really positive, being on here really helps!

I understand how you feel about the gym, I don't like gyms either, and have anxiety so irrational thoughts happen alot. It's important to take a step back and look at it differently to break the cycle. In reality, people there are just like us, they are trying to improve themselves and will respect you for trying to do the same. Or they are wrapped up in their own workouts and won't even notice anyone else.

Someone on here gave me fab advice about building up exercise tolerance, use the couch to 5k app on other equipment! I could only do 5-10mins on my bike but I manage the whole 30mins using the app, it alternates running and walking which I changed into fast cycling and slow cycling and slowly builds it up over the weeks.

I hope your painkillers start working soon, though hopefully your doctor will find out what it is so you don't have to be on them long term!

It sounds like you have everything planned really well, if you stick to it I'm sure you will reach your goals in no time! Looking forward to hearing how you get on! 🌸


Hi, I am a hypnotherapist, so this is my take- work on your personal eating pattern - what foods tempt you snack on and possibly binge on, if your meal sizes are too big and/or wrong type of foods, what emotions make you eat more etc., ? Then you can concentrate on targeting these , bit by bit. Do not set too big a target, but take "baby steps", so you don`t get overwhelmed by the changes.

If people are really struggling, it often means that it is more about the reasons that lay behind the habits, than the actual food itself....e.g. eating chocolate for comfort. If that`s the case, hypnosis can help re-invent these thoughts , giving you a new perspective around food and come naturally be in line with the decision to be slim.

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