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Cakes on offer and I wasn't tempted!


Colleague brought in cakes because of delivery of heavy work assignment. I wasn't involved in the assignment but neither were others that helped themselves. I must have walked pass those cakes at least five times and wasn't tempted. I had already counted my calories for the day and I knew I didn't have any left. A small triumph!!

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Well done! Brilliant! What a star!

That's an achievement! Did any of your colleagues notice you resisted? Keep up the good work! :)

Very good! Way to go!

👏👏well done, another milestone reached 👍🌸

Well done. Celebrate the successes no matter how small or large they are


Great triumph! I gave up chocolate for a month, then indulged in chocolate cake and could taste how sweet, etc it was so didn't proper enjoy it, now I have no urge to have it again, giving up chocolate for that long has helped, thinking of trying something else

Well done, that is an achievement! Another day of healthier choices and a step towards a new way of life!🌺

I think you were tempted but you had the WILLPOWER and MINDSET well done 😜

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