Help! where do I put my weight loss on Mfp app? Lost but should be more pleased!

I know a lot of you use Myfitnesspal app. This is the first week I have actually stuck to writing everything I have eaten all week on this app, but where do I put my weekly weight loss? I've tried looking on various pages but without success. Please can someone advise me?

I've lost 3lb but was hoping for more with it being my first week of not cheating at all and staying within my calorie allowance, still got 6lb to go before I get into my next stone. I know I should be feeling more excited but I'm disappointed!


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  • Hi Jenica, not sure where the app is but well done for losing the weight. I started my diet the end of January and was expecting to lose a lot initially but it hasn't worked out that way for me either. I think it depends on how active you are among other things. I am also keeping a food diary which is something that I have never done before and have found it so helpful. Also, I weigh myself everyday as research shows that people lose weight more by doing this than once a week. Keep at it, I've got at least another 5st to lose so I'll be around for a while.

  • like you I got many stones to lose but think your research is wrong, hope you don't mind me saying, once a week is what is recommended as weight fluctuates so much. First thing in the morning is also advised. Keep going, we must keep at it. Try My fitness pal app its brilliant.


    Hi Jenica,

    I don't know if this helps but this is the research I was talking about and I must say that weighing myself daily has really helped me a lot. Before, I would weigh myself once a week and if I cheated half way through then I didn't worry too much as I assumed that I would make it up before the next weigh in. The result was that I lost weight either too slowly or not at all and usually gave up. Weighing yourself everyday you get used to the fluctuations in your weight so can dismiss them as long as they are within a pound and you haven't cheated. I usually lose weight every other day even if it's a few ounces it spurs you on to keep at it. Oh and thanks for the reply lol.

  • Thanks, it was only a small research of 40 people and they probably stuck to plan because they were being monitored. But really which ever way works for you then go for it. Good luck!

  • On MFP there's a drop down menu at the left hand side (including Diary, where you complete your entry each day) go into 'Progress' and change your weight in there!

    Well done and keep up the good work!

  • thanks, have added 3lb loss now

  • Did you find it? When you open app - at the bottom is a blue button with white cross - click/touch button - choose weight - put your weight in and progress chart will monitor your loss!

  • thanks, found it.

  • Yay, congratulations on your weight loss! That's fantastic! I also just completed week 1 and had loss, amazing feeling isn't it!

    Have you managed to change your weight on mfp now? I love the graph with the line going down..!

    Best of luck for week 2,keep at it you're doing great! 🌸

  • Where/how do I find graph? Thought I would have lost more with it being 1st week but guess cos I've been yo yo dieter my body probably think "not again" but this time since using the app I find it exciting finding out cals I am planning to eat or have ate. Good luck too

  • Just go to the menu on the left, select progress and the graph should just come up, you can select weight/hips/waist from a drop down under the '+' and it shows the graph for what is selected. To enter a new weight or measurement make sure the right measurement is selected then click the '+' top right and it pops up. Just enter it and press save, voila!

    Don't be so hard on yourself, 3lb is still alot! Picture 3lbs of lard... Yeah gross, but that is now gone from your body! Yeah I enjoy trying to get the maximum nutritional value out of the stuff I eat, make the calories count! 🌺

  • Thanks found it. Think I was disappointed that I hadn't lost 6lb for first week of not cheating but have accepted it now.

  • Yeah I do understand, have you been doing much exercise? I'm pretty sure that's what's boosted my loss this week as I normally loose weight really slowly unless I completely starve myself, which I definitely haven't been doing (veg can fill you up aLOT!). 🌺

  • I'm usually in classes for 1 or 2 hrs depending on class. Guess I was hoping for miracle of 6lb after so much yo yo dieting. But if I lose 3lb next week then thats nearly half a stone, fingers crossed. What I like about MFP is it gives you forecast of what you could be in so many weeks time if you keep managing weight loss.

  • Yeah I like that too, not sure how accurate it is but makes me feel good! Slow an steady and hopefully the difference will be that it stays off this time! You can do it and you will get there! 🌸

  • Thanks, we'll work at it together!

  • In the main menu under progress, select weight then press the + in the top right hand corner to put your weight in. Well done on losing the weight, how did you find the app? I love it!

  • love it, as soon as I've eaten I write on app. Love the knowledge it has LOL

  • It is great. I can pre plan snacks for work so i not tempted by the vending machine :-) glad you got it all sorted

  • thats what I love about it too, being able to tweak food preparation and stay in allowance. I've just had bacon,egg, mushrooms, toms for breakfast and stayed under 300 cals, brilliant!

  • That sounds really nice, think i need to get more creative with breakfasts lol

  • I try and vary breakfast cos its first of day, even in a hurry I couldn't go without it.

  • I know i should, im not a morning person, always stay in bed til last possible moment lol. But i do vary between toast, banana yoghurt etc depending on if i have work or not. But i always eat breakfast no matter what nowadays so a good habit learned i guess

  • I'd collapse if I had to go through from one day until lunch next day without food LOL

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