The only worry I have is about Easter. How are you all going to handle it? The meal will not be a problem, I have it all under control, but Chocolate is my biggest worry. Shall I say NO or shall I indulge? Perhaps I will have some after each meal, meaning I will already be full and hopefully will just have a bite. Or I could go for a good walk, ride, or jog after? Decision, decision.... How long does it take for chocolate to be turned into fat? What is the time frame between eating it and excercises to loose the calories?

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  • Don't eat it . Simples is ur hard work going to be ruined by one day . get someone or buy yourself flowers or a top to wear . You don't need chocolate . The chocolate manufactors need you .. hence the fancy packaging . I was a chocoholic. I am at goal weight and intend to stay there . come on u can do it . A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips .

  • Ohhhh you are convincing.

  • Lol. ... mind over matter . It's 2 days just 2 days . Once u start having a bit here and bit there its a downward spiral .Think of something you really dislike , imagine that chocolate has the same taste the same smell . What is it chocolate .it's a white or brown lump of (I nearly put gourgeous ) wrong ..... sugar additives ... I'm going I'm having a rush ... lol lol lol lol its addictive so don't eat it .....lol good luck .

  • :)

  • Hi nhs2015,

    I am planning to just have two very small chocolate treats for Easter - one is only 35g and the other is a mini chocolate egg (very small), but I'll savour them and look forward to them. I've not bought them yet, because I would be tempted to eat them prior to Easter! So I'll buy them as close to Easter as I can, and then have them both when I fancy them - but I know I won't consume too many calories in the process - as long as things to go plan!!!

    Good luck with Easter. It's good to pre-plan it, as you're more likely to succeed.

    Wishing you a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well I'm definitely having some chocolate at Easter, it's lower calorie wise than some other foods and as long as I plan for it I'll be ok. I can't see myself bathing in the stuff just because I had a nibble or running out and raiding Greggs so a little treat is fine. Have a great Easter and enjoy your chocs, I know I will!

  • If it was me I wouldn't eat any all the hard work you are going through if you get the taste u might want it more and more play safe and don't bother I haven't for 23 years and I'm 38 at Easter so if I can leave alone you definatly can I cannot have any thing naughty as I'm on a diet for lowering cholestrol it was 7.5 and I have high b. p I've got fibro. And servere migraines I've lost 2 stone in 2 months :) which I wouldn't ruin for fish and chips that's my favorate but I wouldn't have it because they caused me to get to nearly 14 stone with other rubbish so I know wat ure going through it's hard but I wouldn't bye for now. Liz good luck

  • I gave up chocolate for Lent and will thoroughly enjoy the Cadbury egg I have promised myself on Easter Sunday. I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet and so I fast (up to 500 calories) twice a week and I walk around 35 miles a week and never eat back the exercise calories I burn. It works so well for me and I've been the same low weight now since April 2013.

  • Just say NO! If I had one bite I'd be on the slippery slope!

  • Hi

    stop obsessing about it and if you are lucky enough to be seeing family and friends be glad for that. If people know you are dieting then maybe you can say you would rather not have chocolate presents. If you do ask people not to buy you eggs then don't complain if others are eating theirs either. Alternatively enjoy some chocolate on the day and put the rest in the dustbin, it's just as much of a waste of money to eat food you don't need as it is to bin it. Another plan is to ration it out so it is part of your calorie allowance then it won't stop you losing weight but you should make sure the rest of your diet is healthy.

    You could always take your Easter eggs and chocolates to the local old people's home for the old folks who never see anyone that way saving yourself temptation and helping someone else.

    I will spend Easter same as any other weekend, on my own probably doing some sewing or craft while watching crap on tv. I will be indoors as there will be no one to help with my wheelchair and I will have a snack like any other day for my meals that can be easily prepared.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter that the sun shines and you enjoy the company of your family

  • Thank you grumpya, will probably get part of the family. Your idea of the old people home sounds good. Take care. Xxx

  • If I have a bite I won't be able to stop. Sad but true. But everyone's different. I'm a compulsive eater when it comes to chocolate, so I avoid it completely. I can have chocolate drinks without problem, so every now and then I enjoy some hot chocolate. So no Easter eggs for me, thanks! You've done great until now, so have one if you can have just one, or avoid them if you think you'll be tempted to eat more. Good luck!

  • You do not want to go into denial mode, for if you do, the more you try " not to " the more you will want to . For instance, don`t think of a bright pink elephant- chances are that you have. This is because the brain only processes positives , so it will think of it first, before it deletes it , to not think of it. Hope this makes sense.

    So, you have two choices, think of yourself preferring a healthier option and doing an alternative that doesn`t involve food, as you fast forward to your goal, so you stay focused on that goal- the chocolate will always be there for another day, it`s always available, let`s face it.

    Or, you can decide on having chocolate, but think in advance what you are going to have, when you do,enjoy it,savour it, don`t feel guilty. Obviously, don`t go into overdrive, a little bit of what you fancy is fine......if it`s denied and not planned you are far more likely to eat more of it, and feel awful after- and may even go off plan .

    Happy Easter !

  • Hi, if you fancy bit of chocolate, have a small piece...otherwise you just think about it all day...enjoy...

  • I am not having any because I know once I have a piece I will be so tempted to have MORE. Good luck everyone.

  • I was planning on having no chocolate ... today my husband has bought me an easter egg but won't tell me which one! The best laid plans of mice and men ...

  • Dear TheFairiesMadeMeDoit, I often wonder if loving husbands just prefer wifes to be on the cuddly side.... It is an continuing battle of will, isn't it :)

  • I've never tried to lose weight around Easter, but generally I try and stop myself from eating too much by putting my Easter eggs in a draw, out of sight, and in a room other than the ones I go in most, for example, I avoid a kitchen draw because its obvious its there. I put it in a desk draw, its the place I'm less likely to go compared to others & I tend to forget its there half the time, so I never indulge and hardly have it. I still have chocolates from Christmas in there (but of course check the expiry date before hand lol) also, share it too

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