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How many eggs per week?

I love the versatility of eggs and they are such good value. They had in the past got bad health press. So I'm not sure how many is advisable to eat. Is 7 too many?

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The advice has changed relatively recently. Because of the way the constituents of eggs work. Don't quote me but I think 7 is no longer excessive. Maybe 10 would be.

It's been discovered cholesterol in food doesn't put as much into our bodies as was once thought. Eggs are a source of almost complete nutrition. Remember they're for making chickens not humans so not perfect. Keep to the healthy balanced idea and you'll be fine. Fats tend to make us make cholesterol and are calorie dense. 9 per g compared to 4 per g for protein.


Good advice, thank you!


I eat at least 2 a day, sometime I eat 4, so it's not unusual for me personally to eat 2 dozen a week.

As far as I understand it dietary cholesterol does not raise blood cholesterol and even if it did and I am not convinced that would be bad thing in a healthy person.

I think you are safe to eat 7 :)


Good to meet another egg fan! 😃🐥

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If you are on a diet its better to not eat the yolk. Because it has more calories.


Thanks for the reminder. Going add egg white to my scrambled eggs tomorrow.


Of course, you need to maintain an exercise to keep you fit. Like me I follow a diet plan/workout that is specific for women and it works really well.


the thinking seems to have changed on eggs now, so I wouldn't worry, after all its protein that keeps you feeling fuller for longer


My doc told me that 2egss a day is fine. Since I started healthy eating to lose my excess 2st weight, I swapped my breakfast cereal for 1 or 2 eggs . So between 7 and 14 a week I guess. I now feel fitter, satisfied until lunch, and it has helped me reach my goal, Bmi 23 and my cholestrol and BP are back to normal.


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