I cannot keep at it - any tips to stay on the wagon?

Been yo-yo dieting most of my life. 10 years ago, I lost 4 1/2 stone (with Weightwatchers) just before I got married. Over the years, put that back on. Last year I lost 30 lbs and have put that back on and some more. Right now I don't have the motivation to stick with the 12 weeks diet. I know I need to lose weight for my health and I know that I cannot fit into my clothes. Yet when it comes to eating crisps and sugary snacks, I give in. How can I stay on the wagon?


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  • You need to find that motivation. It can seem daunting when you think of 12 weeks on a healthy eating plan especially if your diet has been poor and you aren't that active but you have to approach it a day at a time. Set yourself mini goals to achieve each week this way you will feel more fulfilled when you walk that extra mile or for go that take away.

    Try and replace your sugary snacks with fruit you like, you will still get the sugar hit but you feel more full because of the fibre you are consuming.

    Set yourself long term goals as well, the dress that maybe feels a little tight at the moment will fit in 12 weeks time. Make that your aim. Its not so much about eating less more eating the right things and exercising more. Make the changes now and stick to them and in time they will become the norm and you won't even notice.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the support. Tomorrow I will go back to the beginning of Week 1.

  • I honestly know how you feel, I have been doing the same. My weight has been up and down for years and it is frustrating.

    I only started this 12 week plan last week but have been dieting for years, for some reason this feels different this time.

    When I feel I want to eat I make myself busy by doing some exercise or planning my next days meal (I know it sounds weird thinking of the next days meals when you feel like indulging, but it works for me), then when I have got past my craving and not eaten I feel very proud of myself and you will too.

    I don't know if any of this has helped but I think sometimes just saying how you feel can help.

    One day at a time is some advice I have had and it's true.

    I wish you lots of strength and happy thoughts :)

  • Good advice, thank you. Tomorrow I will start again at Week 1.

  • Hi Lizzy,

    I know how you feel, I too have yoyo dieted for a long time. I am only in my first week of the 12 week plan and am feeling really different about it as it is not like the other diets I've been on where I starve the whole time then order a pizza as soon as I've lost a few lbs and fall back into old habits. I'm not feeling hungry as I'm filling up on good stuff. Yes I've had some cravings but have managed to push through them, by keeping busy or coming on here, the support and motivation on here is great which has really helped!

    Good luck with reaching your goals and I'm looking forward to hearing how you're getting on! 🌸

  • Thanks, Anna

  • Not sure what sort of eater you are, but there are different strategies. I'd first suggest smaller targets. If you lose only 1 lb a month it's better than putting on 1 lb a month. I know that can be frustratingly slow but it may be more achievable.

    There's a story about an early monk. A disciple said to him, I sinned and fell. He said get back up and don't sin. The man came back next day and said I sinned again and fell again. The monk said get back up again. . . see where this is going?

    Don't beat yourself up, just get back on the wagon, you may find you're on it longer each time. Good luck :)

  • Good advice - thanks! Hopefully I will stay on the wagon this week!

  • I hope so too. Remember any time on the wagon is productive, so just keep getting back up there.

    And DONT say "I've fallen off, the day is wasted, I'll start again tomorrow". Just get back on straight away. It works for me, I keep falling off but the weight is going down slowly :)

  • I feel a bit of a fraud giving advice on this as I have only managed 9 lb so far but this is largely to do with how I am approaching things. I am going for a lifestyle change, eating more carefully and getting more exercise. I am not cutting anything out that I like just cutting down and one night a week we have treat night which really keeps me going. I have also looked at the calories in the food I usually eat which has been an education. One main meal I used to eat was 1800 calories (!) and not even that interesting. I have now identified the healthier meals that I was eating and having more of that and reduced a few things like the amount of mince I have in a bolognaise. I expect these changes to help me lose weight but I don't expect it to be that fast, as long as it is going down and I feel fitter that is what counts (for me anyway). I hope that by doing this for a year my complete attitude to food and exercise will help. I can already see the difference, without thinking I am making changes. Good luck!

  • Good idea. I am going to choose more tasty healthy meals that are filling.

  • Not a fraud at all. 9lb is an achievement. Going up is unhelpful.

    I think we lose track of traps. TV chefs are giving us the idea that eating out is "good for us" but on a recent TV program (ok, take it with a pinch of salt) showed meals of 1800 cal or even much more. That's already above target intake . . .

  • I'm taking it slow and steady too. It's a lifestyle change and it will take time but you will realise that you WANT the crisps etc but don't NEED them. That's what I think when I get a craving for sugar as I was addicted to it. It's early days for me but it's having everyone here in my life that is really helping. So glad I found you all!

  • With my cravings, taking each day at a time. Thanks for your advice!

  • It seems to be in our nature to crave sugar. Getting a handle on that can be tough. And sweeteners don't necessarily help. I forget the medical babble but you don't get the same brain response. So take care.

  • Sometimes losing weight is not about food as much as the reasons that lie behind why you eat these type of foods. If you can think and question why you are searching for something to eat when you are not hungry. Finding out what drives you to continue with your bad habits, despite your every effort and wishes to be slim, can be very empowering.

    If you have difficulty with this, consider hypnotherapy, as a professional hypnotherapist will help you along so you can change your mindset without inner conflict. This is working from the inside -out , so your thoughts can be in line with your wishes. This ends the inner battle with yourself.

  • Totally agree with you. I have recently started daily meditation and I am also on an online course - 'Psychology of Weight Loss' by Beyond Chocolate.

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