Taking the plunge!

Just signed up to start the 12 week diet. Retired 2 years ago and have piled on 2 stone!!!!!!! The extra weight makes me less mobile and miserable and although I know I'm over weight I have found it almost impossible to lose the lbs. Hate looking at myself in the mirror so hopefully by joining the 12 weekers I can get some help and encouragement. Start day tomorrow.


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  • Hi jenever, welcome to this community. I wish you every success on your journey stick with it as the results are worth it x

  • Thank you for your message and encouragement.

  • Hi jenever,

    Congrats on making the decision to take on the 12 week plan! I am just in my first week so still early days for me and I have a long way to go, but the support and motivation from everyone on here has been great!

    Best of luck with achieving your goals and looking forward to hearing how you get on! 🌸

  • Hello Anna999, it certainly is a great help reading everyone's comments about their 12 week journey, hope you have a successful outcome.

  • Welcome and good luck! The support on this site is amazing!

  • Thank you, I have read a number of posts on this site and I can see the support everyone gives each other, I'm sure it's a great help on those days when dieting gets tough.

  • I put on 20lbs last year and I can't believe I let myself go like that. It's was really stupid of me as I was trying to lose weight then. Just remember we are all in this together and understand just what you are going through. You have plenty of support and advice and will get there. x

  • Thank you for your response to my post. Currently seems like I have a mountain to climb, the weight creeps on so slowly then one day I wake up 'overweight' then because I'm so fed up with myself; I comfort eat...how ridiculous is that? Hopefully I will have the determination to stick with it.

  • We've all been there! I used to hate myself in the morning but haven't at all this month. Did have a couple of slips but just learnt from my mistakes. So many of us are working at it and understand how you feel. Keep in touch as there always seem someone to give you support and advice or read the posts when you feel tempted. A little tip I was given was to look at something light blue as it doesn't make you feel like eating. Weird but it does work for me.

  • Hmm maybe spend Easter redecorating the kitchen light blue! I will seriously give your suggestion a try. Thank you.

  • Starting to change way of eating is a great step...well done...remember exercise is important...but slow and steady...have fun in 12 week diet...im near end of 12 week diet...has been good and not so good but sticking to it...

  • Hi, good to hear from somebody close to completing 12 weeks. Exercise is unfortunately my weak point I find it a real chore but take on board your comments regarding slow and steady, thank you. Hope you reach your goal.

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