Eating Out - Did you know?

At Table Table there are more calories in a baked potatoes than the chips! Who'd have thought it?

Like another poster I am eating out a lot next month - at least 4 planned meals out and away for 4 days so likely to be eating out then too. (Usually only eat out about once a month.) Don't want to undo more good(ish) work so checking out some calories online. Even though Table Table don't put the calories on their menus, a bit of googling and it can be found. I thought I will swap the chips for a baked potato but there are actually 119 more calories in the baked potato than the chips and then I will need butter or mayo to make it less dry. Ok so the baked potato is probably better for you but if you are counting calories chips it is!

Haven't got to the desserts yet!


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15 Replies

  • Have you checked to see if the jacket potato calories on the interent is a plain jacket potato?? as some especially in restuarants tend to include butter and sour cream in their total, it seems a bit of a stretch that fried chips would be less calories although in the nutritional sense the jacket potato is still best for you.

  • Is it though? We've been led to believe jacket potatoes are healthy for years, yet the evidence shows that they cause massive increases in blood glucose and insulin/IGF-1 levels, which is bad for our health.

  • Only if we dont burn it off, but then the fat they use to fry food is bad too either way all we can do is make the best choice for us at that time i guess. Enjoy your meal

  • Er, no. The ACCORD study established that hyperinsulinaemia is more hazardous to health than diabetes.

    Insulin/IGF-1 causes growth of the endothelial linings of the arteries, that contributes to inflammation and atherosclerosis.

    You may have been fooled into thinking your body is a furnace, and that as long as you burn as many calories as you take in you will be fine, but your body is governed by chemical messengers - your hormones, as well as needing the vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy.

  • The more I think about it the more the calories just don't seem right, maybe it is a massive potato with butter. I still found checking the menu really helpful (if a little confusing), I will still end up having more calories than I would like but half of what I would normally have without thinking. I will try to make a few changes in the week too to help me out.

  • I wonder if the reason the baked potatoes come out higher is because of the size of the chip portion? You could experiment with what else you are having on your plate - I've found that sometimes I can enjoy a baked potato without needing to add anything to make it less dry.

    It would be surprising though if a baked potato were to be *less* sustaining than a portion of chips, given the extra fibre in the skin.

    There is always the option of not eating everything on one's plate... not how most of us were brought up (I was raised being told how much that piece of gristle had cost so get it eaten...). Or could you share a potato with someone else?

  • Googleme, I know what you mean about being brought up to clear your plate. For a few years now I have been letting myself leave food if I have too much but it is hard to break this learned behaviour.

  • Jacket potatoes are not fatty and not high in anything other than good for you and you don't eat the skin in a jacket potato don't know where you get your thinking over a jacket potato comes from but your knocking a healthy food for no reason giving reasons its bad when its not.

  • You don't eat the skin in a jacket potato? I can understand that some people with dental/jaw problems don't, but that's the whole point of a jacket potato, eating the skin!

  • I have eat healthy now for over 6 years since I lost weight never eat the skin was and don't know of anyone that does.

  • Lisa, I wasn't knocking a healthy food just surprised by the suggested calorie content from this particular menu. I eat jackets at home about once a week and always eat the skin - the best bit!

  • I have been a healthy eater for over 6 years and never eat the skin on one yet.

  • This is really interesting - it shows how what we eat is heavily influenced by our social circle as most people I know would eat the whole thing (was a staple Saturday tea food for me growing up 40+ years ago) - and their promotion as healthy food is (or was at any rate - my professional background is in health education) based very much on eating the skin - otherwise there is likely no difference between eating ordinary peeled boiled potatoes (not that I ever peel potatoes unless I am roasting them) - in fact possibly worse as people are more likely to put lots of butter or cheese or sour cream on them than boiled.

    If you've never tried the skin, now's your chance! I grew up thinking I didn't like olives just because my parents didn't and always picked them off. I love them!

  • Its not something I have not known anyone to eat strange in all the years my Mum was alive and she was always a healthy eater and eat loads of jacket potatoes she never ever eat the skin.

  • Jacket potatoes are healthy with the right fillings like with beans and cottage cheese etc. You better off having one than have chips etc. I don't know who ever got the idea they aren't healthy coursing this and that what a load of crap. Jacket potatoes are healthy and good for you with the right fillings and bit of side salad better than eating chips. Can't stand people that make out anything healthy has this and that in it that could course this and that what a load of crap. Never heard so much crap. Nothing wrong with jacket potatoes chips how ever are not good. No wonder lots of big people about these days.

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