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Exercise plan starting next week

This is my exercise plan for the day.

1 hour of swimming laps

30 min treadmill run

an exercise program called slim in 6

ramp it up 45 min

slim and limber (flexibility) 10-15 mins

slim and 6 pack (core) 10-15 mins

an exercise program called hip hop abs

ill choose a workout on the day.

It may seem a lot but its the holidays so i have the time when i go back to school ill have to cut out the swimming in weekdays and do it on weekends instead.

what do you think let me know?

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That sounds wonderful! You'll have a good night's sleep I'm sure tonight and feel so proud of yourself in the morning x


Your body can tolerate lots of activity for a short while, depending on the intensity and how long you give it to recover.

Why do you do so much?


hmm its because i lost about 20 pounds before so the exercise i did before does not really affect me my body got used to it so i have to do more in order for me to lose weight.


Doing more is rarely the answer.

Building muscle raises your basal metabolic rate so you burn more calories even at rest; that requires intense exercise that cannot be sustained for long periods.

Long, sustained activity stresses the body producing stress hormones, which affect digestive hormones such as insulin negatively too.

So, whilst the right amount of exercise is essential for maintaining/improving functional capacity, too much is as bad as too little.

It wouldn't matter how active you were, if you continue to take in too much of the foods that raise your insulin/IGF-1 levels, you will find it increasingly difficult to utilise body fat for fuel.


thanks x


Wow wish i had that much energy lol! Good for you. Should help you get fit and healthy in no time. Let us know how it goes. If it works for you and makes you happy dont let anything get in your way. Keep up the good work


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