Week 12

Good morning to everyone. Well I made it to week 12....yeah :-)

Today I had such a big smile on my face when I got on the scale as I have lost 3 lbs this week woop woop!!

My goal when I started the 12 week plan was to lose 35 lbs and I have. I've done it :-) 2 & 1/2 stones WOW

I through my hands in the air and thanked god for all his blessing today. I have found strength, health, happiness, drive and focus throughout these 12 weeks which is something I lost for many years.

To everyone who has been with me throughout these 12 weeks I thank you for all your support, encouragement and all your kind words as this has really kept me going.

I tried on an outfit yesterday and went to show my kids and their reaction was "OMG!" and the other one said "WOW, OMG" I had to ask them "do you see what I see" and they said "yes I can". My OH came home so I went down stairs to show him and he's like "OMG you can really see it, let me take a picture".

I am going to continue with my journey as it doesn't end here so you will still be hearing from me.

I hope that everyone else has great week ahead and never give up as the results are worth it. Thank you NHS 12 week plan :-)

Best wishes everyone x

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40 Replies

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congratulations! You've done so well - a 3 pound loss this week is amazing, on top of all the progress you've done over the past 12 weeks - really inspiring. Losing 2 and a half stones is phenomenal. Really pleased for you - and really great that your kids gave you such spontaneous and enthusiastic feedback - you can't get better than 'Wow, OMG' - enjoy wearing your new outfits.

    Glad we'll still be seeing you around here.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good morning Lowcal, thank you for your lovely reply. I am so happy to have you with me on this journey and for the support and encouragement that you bring. It's a great day today and yesterday my car pasted it's MOT so that's an added bonus to this week. I'm going clothes shopping today so let's see what new outfits I can get into.

    Good luck on your journey and wish you every bit of happiness. See you Monday hun x

  • That's brilliant news! Many congratulations!

  • Good morning judywood. Thank you so much your reply, means so much.

    The 12 week plan really does work :-)

  • 👏👏👏congratulations and well done 🌼🌸🌻keep up the good work 👍

  • Thank you. You too x

  • Everyone must be so proud of you...... family, friends and forum. This summer will be your summer. x

  • Hiya eeek1110, it certainly will be. OMGosh I'm looking forward to summer for the first time in years.

  • Congratulations, well done you are an inspiration to us all and you have shown it can be done. Good luck for the future 😃

  • Thank you so much x

  • Hi trafford1,

    Wow, congratulations to you, your hard work has really paid off! What an amazing achievement! 🎉 You are definitely an inspiration to me, I am only on week one but I hope that I am as happy as you are now in 12 weeks time! You have shown it can be done!

    I pleased you will still be here to motivate and support the rest of us!

    Enjoy your clothes shopping, 👡👚what better reward!!! 🌸

  • Hi traffod1, you have done it ! Wow. Congratulation. You must feel so good. I am sure we can say we are proud of you. Keep in touch.

  • Thank you nhs2015, It's such a great achievement and the nhs 12 week plan has kept me focused along with all you great people on the forum. Hope you have all the successes I have on your journey x

  • Thats a great result!! well done you sound so upbeat and positive good for you. Im glad you and everyone around you are seeing how great you have done. Keep up the good work :) You have been great this whole time and really helpful and supportive to others. You must be on cloud nine :) really hope it all continues to go well for you x

  • Hi fibronfedup, I was amazed this morning to see my result on the scale. I had to thank god for the strength given to me as I have been truly been blessed to have come this far on my journey to a happier and healthier me both inside and out.

    I have learned so much over these past 12 weeks on just how to take care of myself and put some thought into each and everyday and make wise choices. I have also come to love this forum and the great support it has given me and great people like you on their journey who also inspire me to do better. I am still determined to reach my goal weight but am taking this one step at a time. Every loss from 1 lb to 2 lb 3 or 4 is one step in the right direction and one day I will reach this goal.

    I am going to continue with the plan and stick with everyone here and help others as best I can. Most of all I thank you for your continued support x :-)

  • Thats a great attitude to have! I feel the same about this forum been an absolute lifesaver some days. The support on here is immeasurable. I think like you this time the penny has dropped and we will actually succeed without sabotaging ourselves :-) thank you for your support too lets hope we both continue to get slimmer, healthier and happier :-) x

  • Well done! I'm so happy for you! What an achievement!! 12 weeks is really enough to make a change for life :)

  • Hi rachel1991, yes 12 weeks is really enough to make that change for life. I have stuck with it throughout and it's been a great experience for me. I have put thought into every single day with regards to what I am going to eat and what exercise to do. Every day has become routine now with regards to what I eat and the exercise I do. Now that I have this routine I know I can make the right choices as I continue on my journey. It's been great to share this whole experience with everyone in this community and it is great reading other posts and helping others on their journeys too.

    Thank you for your support and encouraging words they mean a lot.

    Best wishes and good luck on your journey x

  • Well done...so happy for you..keep up the good work...

  • Thank you so much, I really hope that you have the same successes on your journey as I have. It has been great sharing this experience with you all. The 12 wk plan does really work. Good luck and best wishes x

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Thank you :-)

  • Congratulations! Do message the forum administration so you can have your hard earned "I did it" badge next to your name.

  • Thank you and I didn't know about the badge so I will look into this. Cool...thanks

  • well done keep it up and you will reach your goal

  • Thank you. I have loved every minute of it.

    I wish you all the best on your journey too x

  • Wow well done, great to hear that if you stick to the plan it works. Good luck with everything x

  • Thank you. I believed in myself for the first time in years and have found this forum has really helped. It's been a great experience x Good luck to you too ..

  • Wow, that is fantastic news.

    You are an inspiration, you must be so proud of yourself.

    Keep posting :)

  • Hi shinyscorpio :-) thank you. I am very proud with the results who would have thought that I could lose 35 lbs in 12 wks. Just by sticking with it and planning every day I have managed to change my life for the better. I am going to continue posting as this community has been part of what has kept me focused throughout. Good luck with your journey and best wishes x

  • Absolutely amazing. You must be very happy and pleased with yourself. I must follow your example. I do hope you keep in touch.

  • Good morning mum1955, thank you so much. I am very happy with my progress during my 12 weeks. I am going to continue my journey and continue to post as there is something I have found with this community that really does help me on my journey. I've met some really great people on the forum including you mum1955 :-) and I just hope that we are all successful in achieving our goals for ourselves.

    Best wishes x

  • So pleased for you. Well done.

  • Thank you Jojoh11.

  • I'm so happy to read this! You are an inspiration to us all! You have been really committed to the programme and have had amazing results! Best of lucks and see you around!

  • Bon dia HRHGaby,

    Gràcies :-) I have been very committed throughout these 12 weeks. I have kept my focus and planned every single day and I just can't believe just how fast 12 weeks has really gone. I am really, really pleased with a 35 lbs weight loss. I feel so different and have bought some new trousers a size down and they look and feel great.

    I am still going to be posting here as I have found some really lovely people in this community and I thank you for all your support and encouraging words as this really means a lot to me so gràcies.

    Good luck on your journey and best wishes x

  • This is fantastic, congratulations to you and well done for keeping up your motivation and determination over the last 12 weeks, you will have been an inspiration to many of us on here, I look forward to hearing from you as you continue on your journey :)

  • Thank you Donnammm42, It has been such a great 12 weeks and the end result after completing just the 12 wks has been fantastic. I have never in my life lost so much weight in such a short time so from experience the 12 week plan and this community has helped to make this a real life possibility. I am continuing this journey and have now found that I am even more full of energy after the 12 weeks has ended.

    Good luck and I wish you all the successes on your journey here too x

  • How wonderful! I have just started this week and you have inspired me so much! Well done!

  • Hi Diane, thank you so much.

    If there is one bit of advise I can offer you as a new starter it would be to put your all into the first week exercise wise as this is the first week you will see the biggest drop in your weight in my opinion. I know exercise isn't for everyone and it wasn't for me before I began this journey, but what I did paid off and I lost 7 lbs the first week. With regards to my exercise the first week all I did was walk 30 mins every day as fast as I could and I stuck to 3 meals and one snack which was fruit. Portion size was reduced and I changed to brown rice and whole wheat pasta. By week 10, I was completing two 5k's a week as my fitness has increased. It's been a great journey and I must say that this time "I got it" I just knew I would achieve great things. I am more determined than ever and plan to continue my journey.

    Well that's just a little from me and I wish you every success on your journey. Anything is possible you just have to want it. Good luck hun x Oh and stick with us as you will find so much help, support and encouragement here on the forum it's such a great place.

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