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Day 3

Oh boy are the hunger pangs strong today! I have done my best to fight them and have just about won as its nearly bed time. I am finding it hard to deal with only having 4 carbs a day( 1 slice of bread = 1 carb) This is trying to follow the advice of my instructor at the local health centre. I am very confused by it all as I cannot find any info. about this way of counting carbs. Has anybody got any help or tips they can give me Please.

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That is a very low amount of carbs! Cutting carbs can be a good way to lose weight and improve certain health problems, but maybe you don't have to cut them so drastically?

This site gives information on the possible amounts of carbs, by weight, you may need to aim for. You also need to be eating a reasonable amount of fat to give your body an alternative source of fuel and to stop you feeling hungry.


It's probably a good idea to research the subject if you haven't already. This is another useful site.



Feeling satisfied after eating 4 daily servings of carbs will depend on the type of carbs you're eating and what the rest of your meal consists of.


What????? Check the web for carb. Also you should not go hungry. Never, or you will overeat. You will get unhealthy and give up. Perhaps as an incentive, read all the pages for the 10 weeks plan, this will give you an idea of calories and how to handle everything. Also some people use an app called myfitesspal and seem to find it very good.


If you get too hungry you are unlikely to succeed with your diet. Follow the advice of Penel & the links for better information. Is your instructor a dietician?


Hi- I am a hypnotherapist specialising in Weight loss. You need carbs for nutrients to feed your cells, organs,tissues- carbs convert into energy . You can burn up your carbs by exercising. Cut down on the butter etc., on the bread is important.

You should never be really hungry. Our bodies are very clever and if you are hungry your metabolism will slow down as it will need to digest your food slower as you will be running on empty.

Best to lose weight slowly as this will be far more likely to stay off. Eat three well balanced meals, fully focused on each meal, eating slowly and deliberately, so you enjoy each meal.

If you leave it for around 20 minutes after eating a meal you should feel full, if not top up with something else- fruit preferably.


You can count on this diabetes.org.uk/documents/c...

Most people use between 400 and 600 kcals from carbohydrate per day; eating should replenish what you use, although you can derive carbohydrate from synthesising the other macro-nutrients.

You also need to eat a balanced diet; natural protein (about a palm-size at every meal) with the remainder consisting of natural fat.


Thanks for everyone's advice I have reviewed a lot of diets and I think that because I have so much weight to loose I will have to do it slowly so I am now having about 6-7 carbs a day and have increase my calories to 1500. I am also going by what the British heart foundation advise for dieting. now I don't feel so hungry. Thank you again for everyone's advise.


Choose the best carbs, high fibre veg for example. Give the bread a miss!

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