i've got to lose 6 stone but the nice thing is i've already lost 7 stone. the two reason first which is i'm was to big and the second reason i've got an hernia that i've now had for the last 16 years, i have had it operated two before back in 1997/98. so i need to shed this last 6 stone, so for people that have a couple of pounds or stones just think what i'm going through good luck to everyone that having to lose weight.


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  • Hi Bigalan,

    It's brilliant that you've already lost 7 stones - that's incredible. All the best for losing your last 6 stones - you're more than half-way there in terms of your total weight-loss.

    Thanks for sharing your progress, it is very inspiring.

    Hope you have a good weekend and week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • thanks you lowcal its been hard and the more you are determined to lose it the more that you will start to feel better, i cant believe i can feel my jaw bone for the first time in 20 years the biggest i got was 27 stone and nine pound i'm now when i weighted in on Thursday 20 stone 11 1/2 pounds. i hope you have a great weekend and just remember it is possibly. i didn't think it would work but the scales don't lie.

  • Well done and you are over half way there. I have loads to lose and people like you help motivate me. Slow and steady is the way to go and keep it off! Good on you.

  • try the slim-fast diet that's how i've been able to lose so much let me know how you get on good luck you will do it

  • Thanks, I'll check out slim-fast, did it a bit a few years ago but never very motivated until now:)

  • well its the first time i've tired it and its worked we me so let me know how you get on

  • That's brilliant. What an achievement. I'm down 60 pounds with 40 to go. Started getting a little harder to lose now, but I've started running (couch to 5k) which has helped motivate me.

    Hope you lose the rest soon so you can have the op.

  • well ive been waiting now for 16 years i think a few more months won't do any harm i'll let you know when that happens take care.

  • Hi Bigalan, Thanks for sharing with me. I think that whatever you are doing is obviously so right for you. You have achieved amazing results so far. Keep positive and picture yourself this time next year or even this Christmas. You should look at yourself in the mirror and smile because you have made the difference. Love yourself whatever size, shape you may be and be happy.

    I will follow you up. Well done - you are a major achiever.

    Nice to meet you.

  • hi their Jenny may i say thank you for your kind words, it's been a long tough road since 2008 to get from nearly 28 stone down to 15 stone, i'm just now until 19 stone and i mean just, its been a well planned out diet that i';ve been on and still on now which was the slim-fast diet the sheet that you can either download or print off to help you lose the weight and the different choices you can have so it won't be boring like some of the diet's i've been on this has been the best, i will let you know when i reach my mile stone of 15 thanks for your kind words of encouragement take care bigalan

  • If this works for you has it as for me try the slim-fast it's been best diet i've ever been on with fantastic results.

  • I do something similar. Breakfast is a smoothie of protein, psyllium husk and a banana. (cheap substitute for the real thing). Taste foul but it works, and keeps me going till lunch.

  • i have one meal bar and one piece of fruit for breakfast same for lunch and a small meal at night plus i'm a diabetic so please watch what your doing to start of, good luck to all that's trying.

  • Hi - I'm pleased that you have managed to lose so much weight. It gets on my nerves when slim people keep on about losing weight, when I have so much to lose. However, I think they do it to point out that my weight is much much too high! Best of luck and ignore all the people who dissuade you from your mission! Kind regards MaraNo3.

  • hi mararno3 yes its gets me down when you see these slim people and its great that they are slim but what there don't understand is that many people have health problem's that they have to cope with but if one is losing weight whether its a lot or not as long as you make your meal tasty and different then when it comes to meal times its not a case what can i have prepare in advance what you would like for next meal. anyway i take no notice of what people say while they are calling me there are leaving someones else a lone kind regards bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan.

    I lost my Mum 5 years ago we were great friends and I felt so lost and alone without her.

    I was not aware but I just started to comfort myself mostly biscuits , a coffee a bicci and bicci and coffee.

    Crisps etc it is along list , and one day my friend next door said she and her daughter were going to WW , so I said well I might go , now I my usual weight would be about 9 and half stone , only 5ft 3 , and small framed,,,

    I got on the scales at the slimming club ,, 11stone , 9 and half ,,

    I said no you scales are wrong cant be right ,, not so big... has this Bigalan was for me , I had to say a week later a friend brought me a photo of myself and my grandson while we had been out for a day ,, shock horror not me NO cant be , I was devestated no one had said to me I was bigger , but now this photo is on the fridge door to stay ..

    I was determine to loose the weight and followed the plan however for some unknown reason and I didnt cheat it took a month of hard following and being honest ,,, before I lost 2 lbs ,, you will know that feeling Bigalan , so good YES <, 2 down ,, and well yes a lot to follow , but the lady in charge said one thing in loosing you weight you will bring out the jolly green giants and WHAT ,, are they I asked ,, oh in time you will find out who ,,

    And to my surprise it happens, I started to see the difference ,, you will understand the clothes looser and a good feeling for you ,, and me, but then the oh you look thin in your face,, etc,,

    comments from people who are very unkind and very unhappy themselves.

    Well I managed 8stone 10 and if I put some on ,, i got for it and get it off again , I walk every day and watch what I eat for ever.

    Its sometimes not about losing its about keeping it off ,, and its hard and yes you will have bad times,

    I hope you are still keeping to it .

    Best Wishes


  • Well done for your weight loss! How did you do it?

  • hi their Massmo with a lot of exercise and dieting on the slim-fast diet i'm 7 stone down with six more to go before i can have my operation to have an hernia down plus the only exercise i can do is walking hope this does help please keep in touch. bigalan

  • Wow, well done Alan, you've done so well. Keep up the great work 😄

  • hi their many thanks will do my best bigalan

  • Well done!

  • Losing 7st... Such an achievement. What's your top tip? I'm sure you'll soon be there with the remaining 6st . Thanks for sharing

  • hi their Raq36 i'm the slim-fast diet many thanks for your post kind regards bigalan

  • Well done on your progress bigalan

  • many thanks Marharg for your reply kind regards bigalan

  • Well done

    I hope I can stick with plan

    You must be so proud of yourself

    How did you get in the right mind set? Please let me know how much you lose weekly


  • hi their it all started when i was struggling to get up and down stairs or if out for a walk i would get breathless very quickly and at the age i was i didn't fancy an early funeral so i try slim-fast after trying all others and when the weight started to come off i exercise more and more my walking up and down stairs and being outside going for short walks to start off then just built it up from there so 7 stone down six more to go, but the biggest thing that made my mind up is when the doctor said the my hernia was back lose weight or die it didn't take much thinking about so now you know please keep in touch and if their's anything else i can help you with you know were i will be take care kind regards bigalan x

  • Well done

    What an inspiration

    Just what I need to keep on the straight and narrow

    May give slim fast a try

  • it worked for me all i can say is try it and if it works then well done take care kind regards bigalan x

  • Wow 7 stones!! that's awesome x)

    Goodluck for the remaining 6 <3

    I need to lose 8, could you recommend me some tips?

    or share with me what you did/ate and how long it would take please?

    I'd appreciate it!

    thanks x

  • hi their hannahhh i'm on slim-fast diet and the weight is dropping of i also do a lot of walking when i can because of ill health give it ago keep in touch take care kind regards bigalan

  • oh cool, does slim-fast have a diet book or something? or do you just buy their foods? i ought to walk more!

  • i just buy what they have from tesco's and then choose a enjoyable dinner that doesn't fill me so if you think that last fork fill do i really need it enjoy yourself take care kind regards bigalan x

  • i'll check it out! thanks

    you too x

  • your very welcome anything else i can help you with please just ask many thanks kind regards bigalan xx

  • Well done for for all your hard work so far it's inspirational.

    I'm 3 stone down and 4 stone to go so I know how hard it is to keep up the momentum. That is one of the reason I'm glad I found this site as I have felt very inspired by people's stories

  • thank you for you kind words it is hard but when you can see the winning post you feel that all of the hard work keep you going well done for your weight lose take care keep up the good work bigalan

  • Congratulations to you, maybe I can take some inspiration from you.

    Keep up the good work 👫👍🙋

  • hi Jan28 i'm so glad that the success has help many people to see that its is possibly even though i'm disabled the most i can do is walking which is at a slow pace but at least it works and as for the name calling why they are calling me they are leave some else instead kind regards bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan, My name is Sandra and you are a great inspiration to me. I have health problems that are preventing me from losing weight. I have pernicious anemia and asthmas and arthirtis but if you and others like you can do it so can I. I haent been out of the flat for six months now. They reduced the frequency of my injections. My appetite is virtually non-existant and neither of us (my partner and I) can cook so finding it difficult to get started, I am around 16 stone. Need to lose about 5. Please keep me informed on your progress and any tips would be appreciated. Well done and keep up the good work. You will obtain your goal soon enough. I have great faith in you. Ignore the slim people and the name callers. You will prove them wrong in the end anyway.

    Take care,


  • hi sandra many thanks for your lovely words i'm so glad that not only have i had success but it help others as well i'm just wondering what exercise you can do if you and your partner can't get out from the flat, i take it you are on a ground floor flat or not, could you both start and just walk around your fat just to get you started has for your appetite what sorts of foods are you eating because why i've lost so much is i'm on the slim-fast diet will you let me know what you are eating i might be able to help you there all the best and thank you again for you kind words bigalan

  • Hi again bigalan, Thanks for your reply. We are 2 up in a tenement. 62 steps from pavement to door. I can get out but can't walk far. Luckily we have a local bus that stops nearby and the local bus service is brilliant so we manage to get on and off buses to where we need to go. We eat all the wrong things, chicken curry, processed food, steak pie, poatoes, oven chips. I dislike most veg. I have never tried slimfast as I believe it gives you the runs and I have pernicious anemia which is a disease of the stomach so I m a bit wary of trying that one. Take care and good luck. Keep up the good work.


  • hi Sandra it is nice to hear from you sorry that you have so many problems with walking i thought i was bad but you both beat me there. your meals are okish to a point but it could also how much you eat, not what you eat but how much as for the slim-fast diet its a shank for breakfast some for lunch the have a small meal at night but don't over fill you plate, i still eat chips, and thing that you eat but i look how much i'm putting out as for your pernicious anemia just ask the doctor if your ok to go on it. it may be something that you can't but you will never know until you ask anyway take care its been great talking to you by email kind regards bigalan x

  • Hi bigalan. I only have small portions of food as my pernicious anemia has given me a severe lack of appetite. I on't eat much at all but I don't get any exercise. This is the only reason I can see for me not losing weight. (apart from the crisps and sweets and soft drinks). Self inflicte misery I guess. No will power.

  • hi their please don't be hard on yourself this is something that is out of your control did you know that the biggest problem with all have to face is imperfection which means that nobody is perfect. i'm just wondering if theirs help out there for you can you do a google search to see if there something that we help you, i feel lost not knowing what to suggest in fact i'll do some research see if i can find something that could help. take care for now kind regards bigalan x

  • Hi bigalan, Went out today! It was great fresh air, exerise and communication. Excellent day for a chatterbox like me. Nurse said IF not enough B12 will get injection but I had a count of 2000 when I only need 900-1000 so had double in Dec. Feel 10 times better today. met another Sandra on the bus who lives locallly. Got her address, said I could visit. Will probably start going out again. Thanks for listening and good luck with that diet. Perhaps we could meet up. Chat again soon. Kind regards from your new friend, Sandra

  • hi Sandra its my weight check day tomorrow to see if number eight stone has gone or worse if i put back on. well done i bet your proud of yourself and great that you have made a new friend that lives locally and when i get my new car may be i could visit you as i used to drive all over England, Scotland, and Wales we will always be able to chat via internet but i would love to chat with you ib person if that's ok with you take care kind regards from your new friend bigalan xx

  • Hi alan, I refuse to call you big any more unless you are tall. I feel sure you will be small alan tomorrow having lost the weight you want to lose. If not, I'm suer you will get there in the end. I would love to meet you face to face too. Where do you live? I believe we can take to each other through email or something less public just not sure how. Will write every day and keep each other informed of progress or chat chat if that's okay. I am enjoyed out correspondence. Take care Alan. Kinds regards, Sandra

  • hi their sandra yes you will be right to a point i'm 6ft 3in in height now i used to be 6ft 5in during school up until i was 28 years old then i've was 6ft 2in for most of my life until i started losing weight then i've been at 6ft 3in for that last five years but i will email you tomorrow after i've been to the railway bridge for my way in haha take care kind regards bigalan xx

  • You are a big chap then. My brothers are both 6 feet 3 in. I am 5 feet 10in. 16 stone. How can you height fluctuate, although nurse said I've shrunk. Didn't say how much by. So we are both tall. My partner, Ken, is also around 6 feet tall. Are you married? We don't have any kids, have you? Can't wait 2 see if you have lost some weight. You keeping me in suspenders? ha ha. Take care, Sandra

  • hi sandra how are you today ok i hope well i've lost another 3 3/4lb from my last weight in, so not bad was hoping for more but i'm now 19 stone and 1/4 pounds now means i'm 2 stone 3/4 lb away from my operation wow it feels great, has for me having no children nor wife i've been on my own for 13 years since i divorce my wife and now that i'm single all the way for me, i can't see anybody wanting to marry me and i'm not sure if i want to get married not like my first marriage that was a total nightmare anyway hope you and ken is your husband name are ok today as for me my hips, knees and spine know about it so i'm just going to chill now for rest of day take care speak to you soon king regards bigalan xx

  • I bigalan, I thought you sounded like a really nice friend to have and you have been very loyal. You are losing weight and feeling better about yourself. I am sure you would be a great catch for someone. There is someone out there for everyone. I really believe that. Ken has been up here from Kent for 25 years now. I didn't think our relationship would last that long but it did. We wrote to eah other for 2 years and then my flatmate and his cousin left me and I was upset for Ken came up here to stay. We have our differences but if An englishman and a scottish woman can stick it out with living on benefits and disabilities there is hope for everyone. Ken is epileptic. I have PA and high BP, asthma and we both have type 2 diabetes. We stick together like glue. No-one else wants us but we have each other. Ken is very quite so I chat online. I could talk for Scotland. My accent is strong (brough up in Irvine) so there is a language barrier with the rellies. Chat again soon.

    Kind regard and congrats on the weight lose my friend


  • hi sandra that a lovely story about you and ken and how you met, as for me i'm not sure whether to be bother about another after my first marriage was a nightmare i'm not sure whether or not to look for someone nobody been interested yet, so i don't know at 48 years old is it worth trying to start a another relationship or i'm i stuck and if i can call it happy where i now i'm not sure if i think about it. it sets of my nerves so i don't know. many thanks for your encouragement on my weight loss every pound counts so take care speak with you soon hope you both have a good weekend and i'm glad that you can chat i'm life would be worse without you kind regards bigalan x

  • Hi Bigalan, You are doing such a great job, you are amazing. Im helping someone shed two stone using hypnotherapy and they are doing very well. That you've managed to lose so much will help to inspire.

    I cant wait to hear about your progress. Wish you all the very best for your success.

  • hi their many thanks for your lovely kind words the weight i lost was do to slim-fast and the only exercise that i can do is walk slowly but it's working i will let you know when i have got to 15 stone kind regards bigalan x

  • It doesnt matter if 'all' you can do is a slow walk, that's a real achievement and when you get to the end of your walk you can see that you've done something that will never be undone. You've taken good care of yourself.

    The most powerful, life changing journeys can only start with the first step that you take, and you've taken lots of those steps now. You're well on the way to achieving your goals.

    Cant wait!

  • hi their fizzieha many thanks for all of every body lovely and encouraging words that's help me to continue with losing my weight i've had to except that's is now my speed but its better the being in a wheel chair which i know i will end up it one day take care kind regards bigalan

  • Hi ,

    Well done and now 5 months later how have you done ,,

    Hope you have managed to loose more.


  • hi their i have my next weight check tomorrow will let all know if i've lost stone number eight or worse that i've gone up watch this space for the news tomorrow kind regards to all bigalan

  • hi their i've lost another stone so that eight stone i've lost and i'm now 19 1/4 stone with 2 3/4 to go then hopefully i can have my operation but its down to you wonderful friends i've made since i been on this site many thank bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan

    Best of Luck ,, finger crossed,,


  • hi just to let you know i've lost 3 3/4 pounds since the my last weight check i now it not much but i'm 3 3/4 pounds lighter take care bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan,

    Wow, you're continuing to do really well, it's inspiring to read your posts.

    Hope you're having a great week so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi lowcal many thanks to you my friends that have help me to continue your kindness is first class i hope your well and that your week is as good as mine take care kind regards Alan x

  • 3 3/4 pounds is fab well done!!! Keep up all the good work, you must be so proud of yourself

  • hi alex7ra yes the first 7 stone was the hardest but now i'm at the other end of the scales its been a massive climb up that mountain but its been worth it now only five more stone to go but many thanks for your kind reply take care kindest regards bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan,

    3 and 3/4 , is nearly 4 pounds , that is great news.

    Are you at a slimming club , or doing it yourself?

    Whatever you doing , its working .


  • Hi Bigalan.

    You are amazing everyone , and you inspire people who are trying to loose weight.

    I am happy to see all the support you are finding on here.

    You are worked so hard to loose your weight you must feel so good about yourself.

    Good wishes


  • hi their i'm just so glad that may people have follow what i have done, when you disabled like i am and you can help something that's not disabled to lose weight i gives you a wonderful feeling that somewhere in this country or aboard someone can take what i have done to help themselves plus the support i've received over the years i've been trying to lose weight its my pleasure to help someone else, many thank for you lovely kind words take care kind regards bigalan xx

  • Hi bigalan, Nice to see the weigt is still coming off. I have just weighed myself and I am nearly 17 stone. I am off to Wales on Monday for 5 days so I am using you as inspiration to get walking more and build it up gradually. I will have support from Ken, his aunt and cousin as they are going too. I will start the diet in ernest when I get home again. Keep up the good work and you will lose that last bit in no time at all. By christmas you will have had your op and be a new man. You are a true inspiration to everyone. I can't thank you enough for you continued support. Well done my friend. Chat again soon. Kind regards to a lovely gentleman. The lady that loves you as you deserve will be a lucky lady indeed. Take care. Sandra x

  • hi sandra i so glad that i have managed to help so many people you so your of to wales well have to great time but i think i am sure of is every time i've been on holiday i've come back and still lost weight i hope you can do this as well. i've been to wales myself in fact my family are from south wales, and i hope by the end of this year i will have my operation but i will keep you informed as to whgen i go in, as for the lady that loves me their isn't one sorry to say but you never know may be one day can't see it but anyway enjoy yourself take care speak to you soon kind regards bigalan xx

  • Hi Alan, As I said before there is someone out there for everyone. If someone had told me years ago I was going to live with an englishman for over 25 years I would not have believed them. History has proved otherwise. We have both got a shoebox full of love letters to prove it and look back on. Happy days. You will be happy too some day. When you have the op and recover you will get a new love of life and live a little more. I am a little psychic and I can see this in my mind's eye. You should be very proud of yourself and your achievements. I will always be here for you if you want to chat about anything. Don't ever forget that. Take care my friend. Kinds regards, Sandra x

  • hi sandra its hard when you have been on your own for such a long time my confidence is that low you can't see it plus with what happened in my first marriage whether i'm sure i want to get married again or even if i could meet the right person, i'm 48 years old disabled can't do much who is going to look at me nobody anyway take care speak to you soon bigalan x

  • Well I would go out with you. There are loads of people like us out there. Every time I go into town I see people heavier than me, older than me and disabled. You have a lovely personality and it's what's inside that counts. Chin up and if you like being single, stay that way, just trying to boost your confidence. You really are a nice man. Considerate, corteous, witty, genuine and friendly. Thanks for your continued support. Good luck with the diet. Going away for a week on a coach holiday on Monday, visitors today so see you when I get back. Bet you've reached your goals or are several pounds lighter by then. Good luck, Take care, your friend forever, Sandra x

  • wow sandra thank you for that i wasn't expect you kind offer of going out with me i don't know what to say your very kind and well i'm speechless i don't know what to say but than you for your loving kindness, may i say you have just raised my confidence from someone i haven't met hope you enjoy your holiday it's a shame i'm not coming with you take care see you when i get back bigalan xx

  • I am back now. I already have a partner Alan. I meant if I was free I would go out with you but we could meet up as friends. Hope I haven't burst your bubble. Ken and I have been together for over 25 years now. Take care mate. Hope the weight is still coming off. I have been walking a lot whilst on holiday so maybe I've lost some too. Here's hoping. Keep in touch. Kind regards from a distant admirer, Sandra

  • hi Sandra that's ok i was just abit surprised when i read it i thought that's come out of the blue no i'm fine i thought after all this years then whoopy i hope ken's ok i don't want his feeling hurt by this but yes i've lost another 9 3/4lb's on thursday weigh in so that take me now with in reaching distance of my operation its nice to have you both back take care from your friend Alan xx

  • Hi Alan, Thank you. Wow, nearly 10lbs. That's excellent. Well done. Going to bednow, will chat tomorrow. You will soon reach your target and pur me to shame. DId lots of walking but had 3 course meals. Swings and roundabouts. Your forever friend, Sandra x

  • hi sandra i will never put you to shame but i will support you all the way have a goodnight sleep speak with you again my friend and night to ken as well bigalan x

  • Hi, big Alan l can imagine what you have been through and how very impressed l am at your determination keep going ,l will be following your progress with admiration. good luck.

  • hi ruski many thanks hope this will help you to continue take care bigalan

  • Thanks bigalan

  • hi Ruski your very welcome always here to offer any help that i can help you with or if you just what to blow of then please feel free to send me a note that is what we are all here for take care kind regards bigalan

  • Many thanks for your comment good luck yourself bigalan

  • hey,

    well done mate, I am desperate to lose weight, borderline of diabetes and recovering from Cancer, just need someone to be a confidante for me and make sue I go each day or week, I have lost confidence and the GP and oncologists are not very helpful, their attitude is cancer cut out chemo....on your way... the weight gain is caused by the drugs that I am on for the rest of my life and it just sucks at the moment, need someone local so we can go together, does this sound selfish or is it just me

  • hi their we will try our best to help where i can i'm diabetic so if you can lose some weight it will help you and just to get you started i was nearly 28 stone i'm now 19 stone 1/4lb but that as took some years to do. many people i've known have not been there for you to give support with what you have gone though if possibly we will help support and encourage you in whatever help we can give so all the best from recovering from cancer i know that not easy, i never had it but i've known many who have. the way i lost all that weight was going on the slim-fast diet i know its not for everyone but it worked and still is working for me hope this helps you know where to find me if you need any help take care kind regards bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan.

    I think you are fantastic so much weight , I have only been on here a little while.

    I did not know how much you had lost .

    You keep going .

    You will inspire so many people.


  • hi their my friend its not easy being on medication for what ever for but the fact is this i've been diabetic now for 43 years on tablets and injection its no joke but i'm still here so what ever i can do to keep my weight down i do my best your picture says your a young man and good build size so you have the strenght to be able to cope its not easy but you will get used to the fact that this is your life now a very bitter hard pill so swollow but you will have many friends that you can call to for help and advice, i'm here if needed many thanks take care bigalan

  • Wishing you very good luck too.......mary xxd

  • many thank Mary its nice when you have good support behind you take care kind regards bigalan xx

  • cant really call you bigalan anymore, well done mate for the weight loss, I have an apppointment at the Christie this Friday and also a Lifestyle clinic, whatever that may be so will see how it goes, 14.5 stone at the moment and I am needing to get back to my old weight which was 11 stone or less, then my chances of diabetes hopefully will be zero.

    Take care and thanks for your encouragement


  • hi their i may not be as wide but i'm still 6ft 3in so i don't mind being called bigalan after all this years i've got use to it and there an old saying i don't mind what you call me as long as you don't call me late, and that means late for anything but you call me what you feel comfortable with anyway my friend hope all goes well for you that lifestyle clinic your going to is what got me going it helps to change your life 360 degree turn if you know what i mean best of luck speak with you again bigalan

  • Hi mascotty02,

    Try ringing Diabetes UK, they're really helpful and will give you sound advice and send you loads of information. A friend of mine was diagnosed as diabetic years ago, and was initially on medication but monitored his diet so well that although he is still diabetic he needs no medication.

    If you have to take lifelong medication it is more difficult, but if you can beat cancer you can do anything.

    The more you can exercise, and by that I mean any exercise, the better. It helps fend off diabetes, as well as helping you lose weight.

    I am on old dear now, and have many health problems including arthritis in every joint in my body and spondylosis in two places in my spine. I often think that the only moving part of me that works reasonably well is my tongue, I could probably talk for England! !! Years ago I could barely walk, and needed a reason to walk every day, gradually increasing it. I got a puppy. For the first two weeks I wondered what I'd done, it was like having a hyperactive two year old. But he had to be walked, I took him twice a day. It took 5 months and two weeks to find the benefit, and sometimes I literally crawled. I still walk him two or three times a day, which is never pain free and usually pretty slow but it has kept me mobile. And by all the information on diabetes I should have it, judging by my weight, diet, etc and having a sister (younger) with it, a mother who had it and multiple cousins who all have it. The only difference is my gentle ambles with my dog.

    Take heart, you can do a lot to help yourself. I'm sure you will, after all, you have beaten cancer.

    With food, eliminate any sugars and fats that you can, try for simple food, simply cooked, avoid processed food and if you have a sweet tooth allow yourself a little, but set a limit and stick to it. Be aware that fruit contains sugar, and alcohol.

    Good luck.

  • Hi I am on my second week and need to shed 8 stone ,have never got past 3 weeks before wanted huge results instantly . I am in for the long haul and going to try and enjoy the journey if you can do it why not me . Thank you

  • hi their may i just say that don't expect to lose great shed loads in one go but every pound your lose is a pound that you are now not carrying i was once like that until i realized that every pound counts so just be yourself start on a routine that suits you and just stick to it but once a week just have a blow out where you might say you want a takeaway then have that one then back to your diet and so on until you reach your weight limit i've now lost 8 stone with five more to go hope this help and best of luck with you diet take care bigalan

  • Thanks for your reply. It's the fear of not being able to do it and if I let my guard down for one cake I will open the flood gates and I can't stop eating . I need to get myself into a whole new mind set . I am defimetly inspired by being able get encouraged online thanks again .

  • hi their H-g8390 just i piece of advice and this is how i managed it never put yourself in a position that will lead to temptation self belief or will power if you have it then use it if not then help yourself by training your mind no i don't want it and so on you will win and if i can do it then so can you, just trust in yourself take care bigalan

  • I am going to taken that on board , in all other areas of my life I can be strong so yes I am going to be positive thank you 😀

  • hi their H-g8390 your very welcome take care bigalan

  • You seem to be a bit of an amazing person! Wow!! I'm going to follow you and hopefully get my mojo back? I think sorting through my wardrobe of stuff that fits, stuff that's too big, and stuff that's too small may well have helped a bit today? You keep posting Al and I want to hear your success. Gilly.

  • hi Gilly many i say a big thank you to all of the people that i'm following or who is following me for the support of my new friends that i've met by being here on Health Unlocked, you have all been so wonderful in the encouragement i've received from you and that has helped other people that is worse them me saying what i've done your power of love has helped the most and being able to return that love to help someone else bring tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat knowing that someone somewhere is getting encouragement or that's helped me, you are all stars in my eyes take care love to all of you my dear friends take care Alan xx

  • Go for it BigAlan!!!! Well done so far. Keep it up!!!

  • hi their Andy many thanks still a bit more to do take care and thank you for replying bigalan

  • It's good with what you have done so far and as we all know it is a daily battle to try and carry on losing it. I peaked at 164 kilos and I am now down to 105 kilos with an initial aim to get to 100 kilos to be considered to be put on kidney transplant list and this is my incentive. As time has gone on I seem to lose about a kilo and then stabilize at the new weight and then have another kick to carry on. Basically I have done this by adjusting amounts I eat. Although it takes time at least it has stayed off. Good luck with continuing to lose the weight as you have done extremely well so far. Should point out doing it the way I have has taken over two years but the weight has come off and stayed off- looks like this time slow and steady is helping me to win the race I am in.

  • hi their redrob390 i started in 2008 at my biggest i was nearly 28 stone now i'm just until 19 stone and waiting for a hernia that i've had for the last 16 years i have had it operated before back in 97/98 so like you i've kept the weight of for two reason first because it could mean my life if i don't and second to get out of this big clothes into something smaller but i'm still 6 ft 3 inch tall so i hope all goes well for you take care my friend bigalan

  • Hi Bigalan, Wow you have done so well,hope everything works well for you now,it will be a new wardrobe next,lots of love , @ hugsxx.

  • hi their holly20 thank you its been an uphill battle to lose the amount of weight that i've got to lose so i can ive an hernia operation to be done for the third time i had it in 1997 twice then 1998 once and hopefully this year i can have it done, it doesn't seam like 16 years have gone by wow but many thanks for you reply and yes a new wardrobe can't believe i've lost three suit sizes already i was a 56 inch now i'm 52 inch i think the amount of clothes that will be going to the charity shops i'll need a van to carry them. many thanks as well for your love and hugs may i send a big hug back to you with my love as well take care speak to you again kind regards bigalan xx

  • I've only just joined and it's really inspiring to read your post, well done on what you have achieved and good luck with the rest of your journey. I'm about to start my journey again (yo-yo dieting history!) and I think reading other people's stories like yours will help me not to give up so easily. Best of luck to you and well done!

  • hi their your most welcome hope you do well in you journey many thanks bigalan

  • Well done Alan. Very inspiring. Well done and keep going !!

  • hi their i was determined1 (hope you don't mind the little joke) to do this so i can have this hernia done its me or hernia takes my life no question then on which way i went many thanks bigalan x

  • its a bad night not been to sleep yet went to bed at 23:00pm can't get to sleep to much pain in my hips, legs and feet its now 03:14am and ive took some painkillers but its not easing of night to all Alan

  • Hi Bigalan,

    Really sorry to hear that you've been suffering from lack of sleep, and that you've got all that pain in our hips, legs and feet - it must be really tough.

    I really hope you get a better sleep tonight.

    Just wanted to say 'hi' and wish you all the best.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi their long time since we last spoke i think its the change in weather because i have osteoarthritis in my spine, hips and feet that where i notice the change over the last couple of days, i even had to put heating the other night because of how cold its getting, but has for today i got up at 12:40pm then had to go back to bed at 16:00pm until 20:00pm just to try a catch up. how are you doing like i say its been a long time i hope your o.kish today take care please keep in touch Alan x

  • Hi Bigalan,

    Glad you got some catch-up sleep in the early evening. Sorry to hear that your osteoarthritis has flared up, and hope it will settle down again so you can be more comfortable.

    I am fine thanks, and have enjoyed this sunny Saturday. Hope it was a warmer day for you too.

    Wishing you a good week ahead.

    All the best, and I'll keep in touch.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi their lowcal it seams like years have past since we last spoke its the change in weather now its going to hit hard, i know how my dad felt now in winter he suffered in pain with his arthritis now its my turn, i'm glad that your well and like i said its nice to be speaking to you i can't remember last time we spoke, my memory is getting worse i been for a blood test to find what going wrong upstairs anyway take care may i send you a bigalan hug your friend Alan x

  • Hi Alan,

    It was only a month ago that I last messaged you (you can see it if you look up in this thread), and it was only a brief message that we exchanged, but you're right, it was quite a while ago since I first messaged you (that was 6 months ago) - that does seem like a long time ago.

    I can understand you wouldn't necessarily remember when people have messaged you, as many people message you, and you have a lot of friends in this community.

    I hope your blood test and investigations go ok Alan, and that you sleep better tonight.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi lowcal wow is it only that short period of time my memory must be bad when i went to see the doctor he was quite surprised that my memory is as bad has it is, the reason i got so many people messaging me is because some way shape or form where all in the same boat and the nice thing i've notices and that's how friendly you people are that i've met you have help me to carry on and given me something i've not felt for sometime and that's LOVE take care speak to you again going to get something to eat before i pass out i think my sugar levels have dropped to low i've not eaten since breakfast Alan xx

  • Hi Alan,

    That's a long time not to eat anything, so it's a good thing you're going to have something to eat - hope your blood sugars are more stable again, and you sleep well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi lowcal yes it is and i'm stupid for going that long but i had a pizza that i get from iceland very nice sugar level have come up but that to be expected its what its like in the morning when i wake up, take care night night its now 0:20am and i'm of to bed kindest regards Alan xx

  • Hi Bigalan,

    Just thought I'd say 'hello' - hope you're ok. Spoke to you about a month ago, and I noticed you joined in our Monday weigh-in group about 3 weeks ago - sorry I missed you that day, as I was on holiday in France.

    Hope you're doing ok and having a good week.

    Take care,

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi lowcal wow its nice to hear from you hope your holiday in France was o.k, yes i've missed you since we last spoke, i've joined one or two other groups but it nice to know that your still there i've had one or two people that i've spoken to not heard or seen anything of them so i'll have to go on a search to see if i can remember who they are, but im thrilled to bit's that i'm chatting to a wonderful friend take care nice to have you back with us Alan xxxxx

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