Nooo :(

Hi guys,

I am feeling really upset today! I am at the mother in laws for dinner today and have calculated what my dinner is going to be. Its over 1000 calories!

That means I will be going over my daily allowance if I eat some lunch today as well! This will be my first day going over my allowance since I started (day 8 today) do you think this will cause a lot of issue for my next weigh in?



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12 Replies

  • Try to reduce the number if you can, no dessert (or sharing it), no alcohol, etc. Anyway, it may show on your weigh in, but you need to have 3500 calories to gain a pound of fat, so the gain will be basically water retention.

    This is life, some days we will have to deal with these situations and the most important thing to do is to enjoy them making good choices if possible and start again the day after.

  • Thank you for your reply! I don't think I will be that much over! I normally have water at dinner anyway not a big drinker and I will politely decline desert I think!

    I think I am just going to enjoy it log the calories and start again the next day!

  • I know how you feel! My OH family are also 'feeders' from the moment I get there the biscuits are in front of me, the roast is in the oven, selection of many puddings, it's all very well intended but an absolute nightmare when you're calorie counting. Do you have to eat it all? What is she cooking? If it's a roast or something don't eat the potatoes, only have a small amount of gravy. Then say you're too full up for pudding. Restrict where you can. Can you have a chat with her and say you are on a diet? I'm sure they won't think you are rude and will understand! Good luck! 🌺

  • She is making spaghetti bolognaise but not from scratch which would be much healthier!

    I have since spoken to her and I have worked out my dinner will be around 1000 calories of which her response was 'oh that's good! I thought it would be more than that!!'

    I haven't eaten as of yet today and I feeling a little sick so I am sure i can stick to 1400 calories I certainty wont eat any dessert that's for sure and will stick to water for drink I think!

    Still worried that that is too much calories for one meal but if I can keep within my allowance that is something I suppose!

  • Oh no, pasta and a sugary tomato sauce...bad times. Don't starve yourself beforehand though as you will eat more of it. You still have 400 other calories you can have today!

    Ask her to only give you a little bit, maybe discretely leave as much of the sauce on the plate as poss, leave off the wine and ask for a piece of fruit for pudding as you said.

    Maybe reduce your calories slightly more the next couple of days, go for 1200 sat and sun, then you've kinda payed another 400back.

    It is difficult but we still have to live our lives and enjoy time socialising with friends and family!

    Hope it goes well and you enjoy your evening🌻

  • Go for a smaller portion and ask her if you can bring a salad to go with it. What about fitting in some exercise?

  • I am going to start the Couch to 5K today so hopefully that will help a little!

  • Don't stress too much. Life gets in the way of what we want sometimes. c25k is a brilliant idea. I hope you'll like it. Post to the forum lots.

  • I would either talk to her and see if she can prepare your a different way i.e. grill meat instead of fry etc.. if she cant eat the healthiest of whats on your plate and dont feel bad about not finishing it, its your health and body you can choose what goes into it. I doubt one bad day will ruin all your hard work, as we all have days when we cant avoid temptations so maybe be more active the next couple days to counteract it. Also drink plenty of water to help you feel fuller. You still need to enjoy life so dont worry too much as stress will hinder your weight loss.

  • Hi, everyone has good and bad days...restart again next day...enjoy...

  • How did you get on last night?

  • Ahhh fine! I ate the dinner and worked it out to be 1010 calories in total! I had no pudding no drink so I was still within my daily allowance!

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