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Disabled wheelchair user -update on my progress

I thought an update on my progress might help other people who have a lot of reasons why losing weight is difficult. I started trying last year when i was unemployed and although i lost a stone I ran out of steam when I finally found work but was bullied about my disability. I am very overweight and at that point i needed to almost halve my body weight.

Well at Christmas my probationary period ended and i was confirmed in my job. It's only part time but it's a responsible job that needs stamina physically and mentally so my confidence went up a bit and after Christmas i was still 9lbs lighter than at my heaviest so I started again. I signed up for Tesco health and wellbeing app which is brilliant. I started calorie counting and despite being seated all the time really and not living somewhere where i can go outside in the chair i have now lost a further 1st 9lb. It has been slow but i can see the difference now and a few people have noticed. My trousers are far too big and i have lost quite a lot of inches.

If i stick to the recommended calorie allowance on the nhs bmi calculator i do not lose enough weight, but if I reduce it by 200 calories I lose 1lb week. This puts me on roughly the level that Tesco recommend (but Tesco recommend you add exercise and then eat those calories) I do not eat exercise calories because I do not do the normal moving about that other people do. On very motivated weeks I drop down to between 1400 and 1250 calories a day. On those weeks I lose a little more. There is a lot of rubbish talked about weight loss but I have found that by counting calories, by being totally and utterly honest with myself and by trying even in the smallest ways to be as active as possible it is possible to lose weight. I have a long list of conditions as well as being on drugs that cause both weight gain and fluid retention. It is hard work but it can be done

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Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your achievements! It's great that you were finally ready to tak control and to stay focused. Keep it up!


Thank you for sharing your progress, it is really inspiring.


It is inspiring that you are doing so well with the restrictions you face. Keep up the good work - now you know you can do it!


Well done on your weight loss! It's not just counting calories as healthy eating is just as important if not more. I think it's more an attitude about how you regard food. Too much pleasure is bad for you and I've been a chocolate junkie and am paying the price now. I'm finding it fairly easy changing some of my bad eating habits but others are determined to stay. Eating when I am bored is still a struggle but I have a "no food" policy when I'm on the computer so my little study is a safe territory for me. I do so admire your determination and hope some of it rubs off on me. x


Hi Grumpya,

Thank you for sharing your progress - it's inspiring.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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