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Just Starting

I went to the doctors today and they happened to weigh me whilst I was there, I was shocked when they told me my weight had gone from 64kg to 80kg from just over a year ago. I have not changed my diet and eat very healthily, all I have been doing is going to the gym more often. So I have decided that it is time for action and will start the 12 week plan officially tomorrow in aim of reaching my target weight of 9 stone as I am 20 and only 5 ft 5'. Hopefully I can try and reach this by my 21st (although unlikely, 3.5 stone in 6 months?!)

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Well done for starting and even if you don't reach your target weight for your birthday you will be lighter than you are now good luck.


Thank you.


Welcome, try to make healthy choices and change your lifestyle. Don't give up if you lose wight slowly, it's the right way to do it as this is a forever plan. Good luck!


Well done for deciding to take control! I was a similar start weight to you and want to get to 9 stone too! 3.5 stone may be a little bit much to aim for because weight loss slows down massively the lighter you get. But just remember that every pound is a pound lighter than you were before. Even if you only manage a stone before your birthday, that's still a stone lighter than you are now!! I've been working pretty hard at the plan for 11 weeks now and have lost 18 pounds, just to give you an idea of realistic goals! You might find it useful to break your weight loss down into smaller goals or achievements. Look at my posts to see my list of mini-goals :)

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I had only noticed from holiday photos that I was getting too big round the face...and that clothes had gone up in sizes in last few years...so have started to eat better and exercise more...remember food and exercise together and you will get to your goal...


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