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Eating Out : what to have?


Whenever I'm watching my weight I have the same thing in restaurants. Chicken Caesar salad without croutons and dressing on the side. But, this isn't filling and can get boring after a while!

Does anyone have any suggestions to spice things up a bit? I love going out for food and don't want to miss out on the social aspect!

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I usually have grilled vegetables, meat or fish, as they are things I never have at home and high in protein.

pizza hut has a 500cal pizza which is really tasty. I tend to choose things that are not cream or cheese based sauces or fried. I also tend to eat smaller meals during the day so i dont go over my calories or exercise a little extra. A meal that has vegetables or a side salad is good as it reduces the amount of calories for the meal overall. The key thing really is to enjoy your evening out and not let it become a stressful event since beginning dieting. Make the best choice you can, remember you can ask for things to be made to your requirements, for example if chicken is fried ask for it to be grilled, jacket postatoe butter or sour cream on the side etc.. Have a lovely evening

Thank you! That's helpful as it can be a bit stressful when you're constantly wondering what you SHOULD have x

Stress is the worst thing for weight loss. So enjoy your evening you can walk extra tomorrow lol. Only thing i learnt never plan a meal out night before a weigh in as can make you feel guilty or like you failed, i bring the weigh in a day forward so i dont deflate my motivation

I've found some of the chains like Frankie and Bennys and Belle Italia have some good options, one of my current favourites is F&B's ABC Salad (Avocado, Bacon, Chicken).

Freshstart15 in reply to OlsBean

That sounds nice - might try that next time I'm there! Thanks 👍


Anything grilled, also pasta is fine depending on what this is mixed with. If you fancy other things on the menu, you don`t have to eat it all, or ask them not to pile on the chips !

Losing weight shouldn't be about feeling guilty or not enjoying food. If you have a meal out OCCASIONALLY then eat what you want including pudding and wine in the full knowledge that it WILL delay your weightloss, and you have decided to do it anyway. Don't let it become a habit or an excuse to stop eating right, but equally eating 1 meal of chicken pie and cheesecake is not the end of the world, so long as you go back to eating right afterwards and don't complain about not losing weight over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks, I think it's important not to stop going out but to make healthy decisions so will try this and see how I get on!

sueper5 stone

Hi, I think it depends how often you eat out. If it is only once a month then a few little changes earlier the day might offset some of the calories. One of my biggest issues with dieting is depriving yourself of things you like and then feasting when you give up resulting in even more weight gain. I have resolved not to cut anything out of my diet, just cut down - so for example I still eat chocolate but only about 2 100 calorie strips a week.

Something else you could try is looking online at chain menus. It may not tell you what calories are in something you are looking at but may give you some guidance. When I last went out for a meal I knew what desserts were on offer before I went (obviously) so I checked out a wetherspoons menu to see if an ice cream sundae or a cheesecake had more calories. Ok it may not be scientific or accurate but now I know there is likely to be more calories in a chocolate sundae than in vanilla cheesecake:)

Thanks! I've been looking at fast food online menus online. Just about making healthy options I suppose :)

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