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Ok, so I've just joined this forum in the hope that I can share my journey with you guys, as well as support and a chance to support others.

I am 5ft5 & 12stone 12lbs so therefore have a bmi of 29 which is overweight.

I appreciate fully that others may think what the hell am I worried about but it's got to a point where I actually don't feel comfortable or confident within my own body. I have a new partner who insists I am just curvy but I just feel he is being nice.

Anyway, I have downloaded the myfitnesspal app which looks brill but would like some opinions on how easy /successful it is to use. I've also bought a fabulous new toy; a blender/smoothie maker! I live fruit and veg but never eat enough due to my job as a psychiatric nurse being so hectic, it's easier to grab something rubbish for convenience. My plan is to prep these the day before so I'm at least taking in something good through the day as I never usually get a chance to sit down and eat at work! If anyone has any tips or ideas for tasty but healthy smoothies please feel free to share :)


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  • Hi! My BMI is now 26.9, when it should be 25 to be considered "normal", so I understand what you are saying. I'm on my 12th week now, I haven't lost as much as people who have lots of weight to lose, but I have changed my eating habits and done more exercise, so I'm happy with that. MyFitnessPal is a life savior, it's easy to use and will help you a lot. Good luck and keep us posted!

  • Hey! I just found this forum and plan on starting the nhs weight loss plan on Monday. Loss lots of weight a few years ago and got down to 10.5 st, but now gone back up to 12St 2lbs after my wedding in August, a lot of stress = a lot of comfort eating. Aiming now to get down to 10st. If anyone has any tips I would be grateful 😊

  • Just follow the NHS guide sheets every week. Read them again every night just to be completely engrossed in it. I find by living and breathing the NHS plan I give it my 100%

  • Joining the forum is a good start lots of support here.

    Good luck. If you have a start day of Monday will give you the weekend to stock up on healthier choices and perhaps clear the shelves of high calorie temptation. The main thing is to track what you eat and that means everything. I use the myfitnesspal app to check calories but find writing down what I've eaten and drunk works better for me as in the past I think I've over estimated the calories burnt exercising and then "Eaten" them without getting any benefit. Now all the exercise I do is a plus and I try to keep to 1400 calories each day.

    Good luck thefairiesmademedoit and look forward to ffollowing your journey

  • Hi and welcome, I have just started the 12week diet plan this week too. I'm finding it pretty easy to stick to, filling myself up on the good stuff and cutting out the rubbish! I do have quite alot of weight to lose as my bmi is 35. But the most important thing is for you to be happy with your body and health!! I also love the my fitness pal app, so easy to use! And makes me more aware or the nutritional content of what I'm eating! As for juice ideas, try googling Jason Vale juice master, his thing is juice detoxing on juice alone but there are lots of ideas for superfood smoothies, some nicer than others..! Good luck 🌸

  • Welcome to the group very supportive helpful people here. Dont worry what others think all that matters is what will make you happy :-) myfitnesspal is a godsend to me, ive been using it for 5 months and i love it. So simple to use. Great for pre planning, like you i pre plan snacks for work as the only thing available is the vending machine or deep fat fried food. When doing long shifts it can be hard but when you think ahead you may find that you eat less because you know its there when you want it, well thats what i find anyway lol. I dont make shakes but so many wonderful recipes online that you can find, as well as trial and error to find what you like and what works best for you. Just make sure you get all your nutrients.

    All the best hope you reach your goal

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