Two tv programmes

The truth about sugar, you'll get it on the iPlayer was definitely scary with so much hidden sugar. The next is the truth about calories and highlighting hidden or empty calories. its on Thursday at nine on bbc1 or Sunday at 4pm on bbc1. There was a qui k preview on This Morning and was showing simple swaps to improve calorie intake. For example rare meat is better than well done because it is harder to digest now I know why I love my steak blue. Also soup fills you for longer, strange but true.


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  • Thanks for sharing, i calorie count so could be quite interesting

  • Apparently we are only supposed to eat six teaspoons of sugar a day yet there are more than that in a tin of beans, anything with tomato tended to have high sugar. There is so much hidden sugar.

  • Triglycerides are comprised of three fatty acids bound by a carbohydrate backbone. That means for every 4 kcal of carbohydrate, 27 kcalories of fatty acids are needed to store fat in the body.

    So while we are often reminded that fat has more than twice the number of calories of carbohydrate or protein, we are never told that 6 and 3/4 times as many fat calories are needed than carbohydrate calories to form triglycerides.

    It is obvious from this that some fatty acids need to be synthesised from carbohydrate (or protein) to make triglycerides. That's why the French make foie gras by feeding poultry with carbs, not fat.

    Another thing is that it's no good eating low-calorie foods if they leave/make you hungry for more calories. You don't eat to fill your stomach, you eat to replenish what your body needs. Some 'foods' disrupt the hormones that let you know when your body's requirements have been met.

  • I have just watched this, and its an eye opener!! I don't really have a sweet tooth, but its the hidden sugar that I find frightening!! It does explain why if I have fruit for breakfast I'm hungry two hours later, i definitely need to have protein lol!!! I usually cook from scratch but and don't have sugar in my tea, but will see if there are ways of reducing my sugar consumption which could help to improve my fitness. Thanks for the tip!

  • I have cut my sugar consumption and found my health improving.

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