Ok, now you will think I'm crazy !

I write for fun. Recent invention is woman who sleuths, think miss marple with attitude, well......... because I can't indulge in desserts sweeties etc to my hearts content doesn't mean my invention can't ! I've got her feasting on crumpets with mounds of butter, scones with clotted cream etc in fact I'm working a rainbow of foods in to the story and do you know what I actually feel sicky ! It's as though I'm eating what I've written about.....now maybe I've hit on a way to 'enjoy' all the wonderful foods of my imaginings, but in the real world i don't want them because I've already just eaten all the foods I've just written about in my head !!!!! I know this sounds absolutely crazy but it's an 'outlet', for me anyway...... Some psychology going on there undoubtedly! Thought I'd share my weird thoughts with you !

Trierisme ! Xxx


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14 Replies

  • Hey if it works for you then go for it! we all have weird and wonderful ways of coping with hunger pangs and temptation. Love the creativity idea, i love to make cards and scrapbooking, ive recently taken up decomache as dont feel like eating with the smell of glue on my hands :) Well done

  • "Ok, now you will think I'm crazy !"

    Now? :/

  • Touché ! The world needs more crazies ! I think !

  • When my sister first read it her words were 'well she's really lost it this time!' Ha ha ha !

  • I have written poetry and short stories, including a performance poem called Nourishment. Great idea, and if you're mad then I am too!

  • Great! It's two of us against the world then 😄

  • It's sad, because real food is enjoyable. It's when you add the 'foods' that stimulate appetite, like scones, crumpets, and sweets that things go awry.

  • Exactly ! When there's kids at home you could make a nice Apple pie, knowing that you'd be lucky to have a portion for yourself, over eating it wasn't a problem by the time they'd demolished it; now there's me and my husband as son gone to Oz, husband is a very picky healthy veggie who wouldn't eat it so I'm left with a a whole pie, or a whole batch of scones or whatever; therein lies my problem............ I love cooking though and think I'm going to buy some small pie tins, or half receipies so i can still bake and eat without 'overeating' food for me is a joy and I won't give it up too many wonderful recipes too try but I will 'portion', the best of all worlds I hope.

  • I have the same problem - except we are two here, and when I make a pie, we always say it's for the week and then 2 h later we are looking at the empty dish. I am thinking of donating it. Like, bake and enjoy the baking, and then go round the neigbourhs and say I've been thinking about you .... :)

  • D'you know I've thought about that ! Same as you I love baking, the only issue would be my other half would go bananas if I 'gave food away' . Me, I think food is made for sharing, maybe it's the Mother Earth coming out in me !

  • Whatever lights your candle! I find the forum helps me stay on track as I will only let myself drink water and eat fruit when I'm on the computer. xs

  • Aye I do that sometimes! I find it helps! Enjoying it in the figment of my imagination. Then getting full and remembering the sickly feeling. Back to reality, no thank you, don't fancy those food now! Saved myself real calories! Hey this sounds like virtual reality! With the goggles and everything! Hah!

  • Yep we could have conjured up a new CBT strand between us ! Ha ha 😄

  • Not crazy at all - or if you are then so am I.

    Being loopy is what stops us going mad.

    If you could look at Fibroaction you'd see a lot of virtual enjoyment going on. From feasts to virtual ice cream fights and outings.

    When you read diaries of explorers like Scott and Shackleton to name but 2, when rations are low and they're on their last legs, talk turns not to what their loved ones are doing or how to get out of the predicament, but what they will eat when back home, and they write about the most ludicrous and sumptuous feasts.

    Keep it up. No calories in the mind :)

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