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I am 14 stone, 3 stone to lose. I had some success a few years ago, lost 2 stone, but I have put the whole lot back on again and some more. I lost 8.5lb in December but Christmas got in the way and I haven't found the motivation to try again until now. I was doing well yesterday until cooking tea - making lasagne - I was hungry and found myself snacking on cheese and walnuts. I am trying to motivate myself by looking out some white jeans size 12 that just about fitted when I lost weight last time. Something's got to change! Look forward to chatting to you all, the last time I lost the weight was with some friends I met online. I hope to do so again.


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  • Hi! This is a great place to be if you need to stay focused on your objective. Unless you have kids at home don't have anything in the kitchen that will sabotage your efforts! Good luck!

  • Hi Gaby, have x2 kids age 10 and 12, I stopped buying crisps as my daughter would eat them all the time, but sometimes it is so difficult as my mum brings round chocolate! At the moment there are chocolate chips cookies and kit kats in the cupboard. I can resist it as I feel motivated but will have to get my husband to hide the nuts!

  • You could always have like 8-10 nuts a day (counting them in your caloric daily intake). Maybe it will be easier for you. Keep us posted!

  • Great idea, 10 nuts with some carrot sticks as a snack this evening

  • I wonder if, when you have that sort of temptation, you would just gorge on the chocolate, all at once, you would then be sick, and the problem would be solved! Meaning "sic" as in "can't stand the sign of it anymore" . Thirty years ago, I overindulged with wine, it took me two days minimum to recover and six months before I could even smell wine.

  • It's more the nuts and crisps that are tempting for me. I've just eaten my tea and I have a highlights low cal chocolate drink which should beat the craving!

  • Thanks euryleia, will bring them down and hang them on the kitchen door :) I also have a tunic I bought in France, very chic, never worn it...

  • Hi there! I'm starting again today too, after finding myself at 15st!! Best of luck ๐Ÿ˜

  • Freshstart I am liking this 12 week plan, I've tried slimmers world and weightwatchers, but don't enjoy the meetings. Good luck to you as well and hope to chat along the way, I've already had some really good suggestions! :)

  • Hi, I also started this week and have a similar amount of weight to lose. Doing OK so far, though I indulged in a skinny latte today, but other than that been good and still within my calorie allowance for today. I chew sugar free gum when I'm cooking to stop me from tasting everything, works for me,otherwise I end up eating a meal before there's anything on my plate! Good luck and looking forward to hearing how you get on! ๐ŸŒธ

  • Good luck Anna. I like the gum idea, I am the same, pop food in my mouth while I am cooking, and as I'm hungry it's so easy to do.

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