Have kept My fitness pal up to date for past 2 days and really had my eyes opened earlier tonight, but, also made me realise how much I have been cheating myself! The advantage of My fitness pal app is that it gives you calorie counts, something as simple as mashed potato depending which suggested item you choose can raise calories. Hence I picked the lowest way of preparing it, fortunately I did spinning and weight training classes tonight so knew that I could get away with eating my planned evening meal. I am definitely going to keep "writing" in this cal app, it does make you think before preparing/eating.


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12 Replies

  • Its amazing what calories are in certain foods definitely opens your eyes. The app is great saved my life truly. All the best

  • So true! I'm going to have a high cal/fat meal tonight as its been paid for now for some time so have cut right back on breakfast/lunch so allowing me to enjoy meal tonight without feeling guilty. Fish & chip meal 861 cals!!! Will savour every bit LOl

  • lol dont blame you, occasionally i have a non counting day like xmas day, just didnt go crazy and managed to maintain my weight whereas in the past i would've gained lol enjoy your evening

  • Feel ugh!! kept repeating like a fat taste-fortunately I don't eat fish&chips on regular basis. Had couple of bottled bucks fizz/lambrusco and added them onto app now plus 4 grapes [so needed healthy!] Added walking and Tai chi so I'm now under my allowance LOL but I've had enough. Just watching a programme on calories they are just showing how to cut cals so will have to sit and watch!

  • Oh dear i felt the same when i had a kebab after eating healthy for a few weeks, i used to eat them once a week now they make me feel sick, kinda good in a way i guess. Im watching it too, kinda glad to see doing housework helps as when i spend the day doing housework then too tired to exercise i feel guilty. Hope u had a good evening

  • Think I'll have to do housework more often [not!] LOL-would much rather go gym or out on bike. Didn't sleep to good last night, felt like meal was sitting on stomach all night. Just as well its only "a treat". Its funny how you don't get invited out for ages then they all come at once, should have gone out to surprise party tonight but didn't go, last night filled me up. Have been good today too. Do love the fitness app, cos don't have to work out calories they're already in system, although not as easy with how many calories burnt off in gym, classes etc-will be really disappointed if I haven't had good weight loss on Monday!!

  • It's a real eye opener isn't it!! It has also put me off a few things on the 'I'm not wasting my calories on that' sort of thing!! 😉a really useful tool 👍

  • The advantage of the app is it works out calories for all day so you can know in advance where you can cut back and still stay in allowance.

  • It does help! I use "FatSecret" which is a similar one. Helps me stay focused, even the days I go over my caloric allowance.

  • Well done for using the app. I've become a "calorie counting bore" at home and work my mantra seems to be can't have that too many calories, but it's working. I have pretty much cut pasta, rice and potatoes out of my diet as uses up too much of my daily calorie allowance. I hope you continue to use it and get some good results :-) Good luck

  • If you enjoy eating pasta, rice etc then you can still eat them if you count into your allowance. Sounds like you have decided to cut carbs out of your diet. But really at end of day if it keeps working for you then great and good luck as you must be getting results with weight loss. Must admit I don't eat much of any of them but if needed I go for it

  • It wasn't a conscious decision and I do still eat carbs it's just I found them quite calorific for a fairly bland food. If I wasn't calorie counting I would probably still be eating them as before but as you said it is an eye opener. I do have the occasional jacket spud but I tend to substitute potatoes for parsnips now instead. Found a great recipe on myfitnesspal for parsnip chips. However you have to like parsnips. I hope you're getting on well and still using the app. :-)

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