Calorie counting

Hi guys!

I have been on the diet now for 5 days and have been watching my calories closely.

I have just had a look through my diary so far (I am keeping a log for all foods) and it has come to my attention that I eat the majority of my calories for my evening meal. Is this ok to do?

I have on average a breakfast worth - 150-200 calories, a lunch worth 200-300 calories and then a dinner worth around 800-900 calories?

Any help on this would be great!



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8 Replies

  • The weight loss will probably be more sustainable if you shift some of those calories to lunch to prevent afternoon hunger but if it works for you then stick with it

  • Ahh ok! So its personal preference really? I was worried this would not help me loose weight!!

  • You are looking for a calorie deficit, ie burning more than you consume. I suppose if you eat more earlier in the day that gives you body longer time to burn it. There's that rhyme which says breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and done like a pauper. You'll still lose weight but you might find it easier if you have a lighter evening meal but if that doesn't work for your lifestyle then don't worry as it is better that you adopt a healthy lifestyle you can continue for longer

  • Try having a bigger breakfast and lighter dinner, making sure it is eaten before 7.30pm so you have time to digest and burn off some of the calories. Fill up on plenty of veg and have fruit for dessert.

  • Hey im the same majority of my calories go on dinner, i think its definitely personal choice, find what works for you. If it doesnt work maybe split your calories more evenly. All the best

  • I think ideally spreading them around more would be better, I think it's because it helps stop you being hungry during the day and also gives you time to wear the calories off. Having said that if you are loosing weight the way you are doing, then it works for you. Good luck

  • I eat about the same %ages, though a few more calories overall. It's possible there are more efficient ways to lose weight, but the whatever works for you is the best for you.

  • 800-900 calories for dinner are a lot of calories for just one meal. Maybe you need to revise what you are eating. Going for a walk after dinner could help you burn some of them. I'd recommend not to have more than 700 calories a meal.

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