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So annoyed with myself!!

Hi. After the birth of my baby 21 months ago and suffering severe post natal depression, I've piled on over 4 stone. I went on antidepressants in January and lost half a stone in February by cutting out carbs and alcohol. I then got norovirus 2 weeks ago and lost another half a stone overnight! (just water weight but still...) But then I went away for a week and started eating carbs again. And haven't stopped!!! I'm so frustrated with myself. Every day I wake up saying I'm going to get back on the wagon but by lunch time I've failed. I was doing so well. I need someone to kick me up the backside!!

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You have lost an amazing amount of weight so far, well done. Try looking at what you are eating, it could be you are eating foods that turn to sugar too quickly, leaving you feeling hungry even after you've eaten. Find food that are more filling and that you enjoy, you have a great motivator in your baby, write a list of reasons why you want to lose the weight and get healthy. When you are felling tempted to eat something unhealthy read it through to remind yourself or take the baby for a walk in the pushchair. You can do this you have already come so far


Thank you. The thing is, I'm not even eating out of hunger. I've always been an emotional eater and when I'm tired or stressed I turn to junk food- pizza, crisps, chocolate. Even stuff I don't like! It's like I'm trying to sabotage myself for some reason. I like your idea of writing down my reasons for wanting to lose weight. My son is such an important one- I want to be around for him and be healthy enough to play with him. I also want another baby one day but need to lose the weight first. You would think these 2 reasons alone would be enough. I just need to remind myself of them. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.


Anytime. I understand how hard it can be and that we are our own worst enemies. You can do this so stay strong and take it one day at a time


Hi, don`t be disheartened, you at least made a start. If you really cannot control the carb intake, this may indicate that you have an ingrained habit. There may be a strong reason that your mind wants carbs.

Often weight loss is "in the mind" and not in reality about the food itself, but the expectations as to what you will get from that particular food. If there are background reasons running the show, then hypnotherapy may be a consideration. Once the mind is satisfied, you can then regain control over carbs- and not the other way around.

Welcome to question me further if this is of interest.


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