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struggling to stick to 1400

completed week 1 and only managed to stick to 1400 for only 1 day out of 7 lol however i still lost half a pound and 1 inch off...i find it really hard to eat no more than the 1400 because my husband keeps buying junk foods and my will power is not that strong =( i will start again this week i hope i can lose at least a pound this time

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Hi Siopao1980,

I think it's tough to stick to 1400 calories per day. Well done for losing half a pound and 1 inch off your body measurements - really good! It must be difficult when your husband is buying junk foods - maybe try to talk to him about how important it is for you to focus on healthier foods, and maybe try to get him on board with that?

Good luck for this week.

Lowcal :-)


he bought those junk foods for himself and sometimes stops me from pinching it..but when he's at work and i feel peckish its quite hard to resist...its not fair to stop him from buying foods he wants so its a struggle for me


I agree with Lowcal, your husband should be on board and stop bringing junk food to your home, unless he thinks you are perfect as you are and is trying to sabotage your diet, :)


I had this issue also and the bmi calculator and my fitnesspal both said I should b eating more so I tend to stick at around 1600.

Maybe double check what they say you should be having? I find I'm more inclined to eat junk if I'm hungry


If you get really stuck, hypnotherapy can help you stay off junk foods, by a clever aversion technique. This will keep you in the right mindset to actually not want to eat this type of foods..... least not for a long time. Then when you do return, you will find it is in controllee way. The food isn`t controlling you, as it will be your decision without feeling that you are denying yourself anything.


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