Week 2 Disappointment!!!!!!!!!!

I have just completed week 2 of the plan and have stayed exactly the same. Help!!! I stayed under 1400 calories 6 days out of the 7 - the other was over by 200 calories as I had wine at my friends birthday meal. I keep a food diary on myfitnesspal and started to walk this week. I got in about 110 minutes walking. Where do I go from here?? Sooooooo disappointed!


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9 Replies

  • Don't worry about the number and keep on, wine can make us retain fluids for a few days, so you may have lost some fat and it's just not showing up on the scales yet! Be patient and don't give up , :)

  • Thank You HRHGaby - will have to keep the chin up and try harder.

  • Sometimes, there is no rhyme nor reason for what our bodies get up to but as long as you are honest with yourself about exercising and portion control, then it will all even itself out sooner or later. Don't use this an excuse to give up, keep at it and the results will come. Have you measured yourself, sometimes the clothes feel better but the scales stay the same. Both are yippee moments to celebrate.

    Stay positive


  • Don't let this throw you, stick to the plan, have a good week 🌼

  • Don't worry. I stayed the same on week 2 but knew why (Mother's Day and lack of exercise) so refocused for week 3 and back on track, lost 2lbs this week. Just draw a line under it, set yourself a goal for this week and go for it. You can do it. Good luck! 💫

  • Thanks I am aiming for 1-2 lbs per week. I find that's the max I can realistically achieve. Bought a pedometer today to see just how inactive I am. My job involves sitting at a desk all day. Head down and at it for another week. Well done on week 3. Hope I can report the same next week.

  • I bought a pedometer too and was shocked at how few steps I do in a day. I am lucky if I do 5000 a day. Despite going to the gym it's a real wake up call to be active throughout the day and not just for that 1 hour class. I'm trying to walk more and leave the car at home. Good luck with your week. I'm sure you'll do great x

  • hey, your aiming right as that's the recommended anymore might be unhealthy... don't worry about the week at least you haven't gained like i did. like everyone says just focus on the next week.

    A tip that might be useful: when i started walking i wasn't seeing any difference try up-ing it a bit by doing brisk walks so you feel a little puffed when you're finished as increasing the heart rate and making your body work will be what burns the calories :)

  • Thanks everyone for your support. This iS so important when things don't go to plan. Well I just got on the treadmill for 30 minutes and will try to keep that up most days to see how it goes. Am having visitors this week, which is a bit of a challenge. Good luck everyone for the week ahead.

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