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Start of week 4

Allowed myself a few days off logging food and drink whilst away for St.,Patrick's - living in Ireland is never just one day! But I made sure I didn't over indulge too much. So weighed in this morning to find same as last week so really happy with that. On a plus side have lost another inch from waist.

Made sure I had lots of salads towards end of week and made sure I measured everything and looked for lower calorie options.

Feel like I have got my head in the right place now so onwards and downwards.

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It's great that you survived this week in Ireland without putting on weight, it's obvious you are really focused. Keep it up!


Hey well done on maintaining while away and not logging, i allow myself a non log day now and then like xmas day, as you say as long as you make the best choices you can then why not enjoy your time away. Good to hear youve got your head in the right place, funny feeling isnt it after years of failed diets , to have that eureka moment lol

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