Week 10 and life is good

Yippee , starting week 10 of NHS. Slowly and surely I am doing it. My BMI has now reached the low half section of Overweight. I started at Obese. I am getting close to my end goal and very closer to my small reward goal. New pair of joggers when I do. No starving diet, I am eating well and feeling good. There are so many pushing sham diets around, been there, done that, but now being on a plan with healthy eating instead of a diet is the best thing in the world. I just love it. It works for me and I just can't help myself: I have to tell every one....... This group is for "weight loss NHS" so guys lets do it and demonstrate we can change our ways from bad eating to good healthy eating habits.

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  • Hi nhs2015, I am really happy for you and you are doing really well. It's such a great feeling when you make a change for life and believe in yourself and know that you can do it. Great post and again well done YOU :-)

  • Thank you trattford1

  • Yea great you sound full of confidence, well done you .x

  • Thank you jaypez

  • Hi nhs2015,

    Congratulations on your weight loss, and I love your enthusiasm. Very inspiring.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you lowcal

  • Awesome positive post to read first thing in the morning. Glad you are feeling and doing so well. Keep up the good work. You are right too many sham diets around that give quick results that just cause extra weight gain afterwards. Nhs plan is definitely the best ive found so far :-)

  • well done. It is good news to hear. You seem like your having fun losing weight, brilliant, well done

  • Well done. My first week weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed.

  • Motherhen, first week, must be exciting for you.

  • Good for you!!! Well done.

  • What do you eat on an average day?

  • Sorry hanna, I pressed enter by mistake.

    Ok today I had:

    Breakfast : a 95 gram of tuna in tomato and basil, no sugar, with 6 Cruskits. 2 cups of Green tea

    Lunch : spinach with Riccota cheese, salt and pepper and a serve of pork roast shoulder (left over), one slice of wholemeal bread with 10 grams of Camembert.

    Snacks: Plum and one medium Apple.

    Peppermint tea

    Dinner: medium size Tuna steak with soya and sweet chili sauce and 250g of Broccoli. Half a banana and a small Apple. I am full.

  • And tomorrow will be:

    Breakfast: same as yesterday.

    Lunch : fillet steak, one small potato and two serves of salad (spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, onion, capsicum)

    Dinner: left over chicken breast (half) and two good serves of winter vegetable (frozen pack)

    Snacks : celery, carrot sticks, Apple, peppermint tea.

    Treat: maybe a small home made muffin (70 to 80 grams) or not.

  • I am also in a different time zone so I already had dinner while you guys are still thinking of lunch.

  • And Wednesday will be :

    Breakfast: probably the same

    Lunch: Turkey saussages (2) and salad, 10 g of Camembert on two Cruskits

    Dinner : left over pork or chicken with green beans

    Snacks : muffin, celery, carrots and fruits

    I find peppermint tea is good for me when I start asking myself "is it lunch time?" Or " is it dinner time?

    Thursday will be wholemeal pasta with a zuchini and a home made sauce of tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, red onion, lemon, basil, mint, olive oil.

    When we have this pasta and sauce, I usually have a vegetable soup and two Cruskits at night.

    Friday will be Chick peas with balsamic vinegar and onion for lunch and Baramundi and vege for dinner.

  • I also find if I am busy, i do not have snacks. When I am out, before I know it, it is lunch time or dinner time.

  • Hi nhs2014,

    So glad you are coming close to reaching your goals! U must be so proud of yourself! You are so right about the sham diets, I have been on the gullible end of those many a time, paying through the nose for discusting 'milkshakes' and depriving myself of any food! Only to bounce back to the heavier end of the scales! Very inspirational post, your positivity on looking at this as a healthy lifestyle change is contagious, I thank you!

    And we'll done again on your amazing achievement! 🌻

  • Thanks for sharing such a positive post! This community is also helping me lots to stay on track. I hope you get to your goal soon!

  • So did you follow this religiously? Well done for your achievement

  • Yes Vixbear, I am 100% committed to this plan. I have regained my confidence and am proud of myself instead of hiding and feeling miserable. :)

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