Oooohhhh nooooo!!!!

So my first week was a huge failure for me as I put on 3 and a half pounds!!!! I think this is due to me being home all week and just snacking all day. This week I'm getting serious, I'm going to start running this week and get the boy active with me as he has not done any excerise since... I don't even know when.

Hopefully with a structured plan I won't be snacking as much.

How is everyone else getting on?


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20 Replies

  • i had a holiday other week and put on 5lb - i just cant do nothing as i constantly pick at food even if im not hungry. so this week have made a point of going/doing something everday gym, gardening and housework (big yawn). weigh in friday and had lost 2lb 2 so lets see what happens this week. good luck and try and keep busy.

  • I know what you mean I tend to always pick at foods when I'm home alone. Have all my plans put in place this week so hopefully all will be good haha.. well done on you loss though keep up the good work :)

  • Hi there! I put on a couple of lb as I was ill at the beginning of last week and because of appetite being weird and stomach cramps stopping exercise the only way was up! Never mind tho, it's a marathon not a sprint so best foot forward to a new start for the new week...... good luck! x

  • Yes I agree and like Trierisme says underneath weight loss is not a linear process there will be slip ups but we can get through them :)

    Hope you are feeling better now and look forward to your updates.

  • I am happy with how I am going so far. Thrilled actually. Weighing tomorrow morning. I probably will cheat by doing Couch to 5k before jumping on the scale. Still, I am excited. I know I will have good results.

    We are all doing well I am sure because we are MOTIVATED :) we want to feel good, live long and be happy.

  • Hey so glad to read that you arent letting a bad week beat you. You seem so determined and organised. I truly hope you have a good week. I lost the 2lbs i put on last week so pretty happy. All set for the next week

  • Up and down ! Weight loss is no way a linear journey ( ha if only) but I am getting there, true it's slow, but it is going the right way..... I've accepted that the times it's not going well are to be expected, and try not to get too down about it...good lord I'm 49 so I've many many years of unhealthy choices under my belt so times when the going gets tough it shouldn't be a surprise, feeling guilty or shame or whatever I try to 'throw away' if it did any good to sit and ruminate or feel that bad that I actually eat more unhealthily, I'd hold on to them but they don't so I chuck 'em away, look back at my food diary and see all the many days I've got it right, eaten and have been active, it certainly outweighs the down times..... I'm getting it right MORE times than I'm getting it wrong !!! Psychologically I do feel better, I'm trying, I will get there, I am getting there.

    Extremely slowly, my mind is starting to want healthier food choices and portion sizes, my body adjusted a while ago but the mind work takes much much longer, but hey, I'm chipping away at it.....all I want is a normal relationship with food, I'm sort of work in progress ! At times it's very hard, and I lean on the lovely supportive people on here, it's a wonderful site, people are just so supportive.

    All the best and keep in touch !

    Trierisme !

  • Yes this is so true there are always slip ups but its how you get up and carry on thats the important part.

    I'm sure you will get there just carry on being strong and chipping away... haha chipping away reminds me of carpentry you start with a massive block of wood and slowly but surely they chip it away into something beautiful :)

    Kepp going we can do this!!

    Look forward to your updates

  • Yes we can ! Slowly slowly and that's just fine !

  • The main thing is you are moving forward, if you are not already keep a food diary it might make you more aware of your snacking. Good Luc

  • Thanks for your reply. Indeed I do have a food diary, I went through it yesterday and highlighted all unplanned and unhealthy snacks ... im not going to lie nearly every page was mostly orange haha... but now i know and this week I'm going to be keeping a close I on it!!

  • That's knowing what you are doing is half the battle.

  • I bought a dessert knife, fork and spoon today as they are smaller than the dinner ones. It took me longer to eat my food and I didn't even finish my meal as it had gone a bit cold. If I do feel out of control, I go on the forum and you all settle me down. I've been weighing myself every other day and I know that is stupid so will do it just once a week now. What day do you think is the best? x

  • This is a ingenious idea, i think i will start using teaspoons for things like desserts, our forks however aren't big but you've just made me think of a tactic I could use... getting into the habit of putting my fork down between each bite... that is going to be a super challenge for me haha...

  • Have you tried looking at yourself in a mirror when you are eating chocolate? Not a pretty sight for me and that is what I'm going to do as I think that will make me aware of what I'm eating. x

  • What day is best? Hmmmm, I think perhaps a Friday ? If you want to ease off a little on the weekend, you then have the rest of the week to re-balance the scales. Or conversely, if you weigh on a Monday, you might be more mindful of what you are eating on the weekend ?

  • Thats a good point I've been weighing myself on sundays ... i think i'm going to switch to fridays from now on :)

  • I think I will try Fridays as well cos if I have lost weight then I'll be that chuffed that I will want to be good over the weekend. If I hadn't lost any weight or put it on then it would give me more careful over the weekend. Thank you! x

  • Meant would be more careful. x

  • You are very welcome lovey xxx

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