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End of week 3 = another 3lbs off

I'm almost beginning to think the scales are lying as at the end of three weeks I am now 11lbs lighter and can honestly say that I haven't felt deprived at all! I think its because I am a lot more active with being determined to get in 10,000 steps each day. Four times a week I sit and watch my children in swimming lessons - now rather than sit, I go out walking for half an hour so I still get to see them swim yet I still get a chance to exercise = win-win for everyone. I'm drinking so much more water too, 2 litres of water/ weak squash each day and then a couple of cups off coffee/ tea so that must be helping too. Feeling good and now at 13st 7lbs, feel that maybe I could try to run - eeek! Going to download the Couch to 5K app and see how I go! Have a good week everyone :)

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Hi Donnammm42, well done on your weight loss so far 3lbs is really good and 11 lbs so far is excellent. My son has just started taking swimming lessons too and the gym is in the same building so as he settles into his new swimming class I can pop into the gym which is going to be an added bonus as I don't work out on Sat but now I can fit the extra workout in because i'm there anyways.. :-) When I began running it really did take it's toll on my knees and I was in real pain, but I carried on running. I really hope you get into it as it is such a great and rewarding experience if you haven't run for a number of years. I do at least 2 5k runs a week now and I love it.

Good luck with yours and have a great week 4.


👏👏well done, enjoy C25k it's really brilliant 🌼


Donnammm, do couch to 5k. I started very small and am still going but hey, getting there. You will see the difference. It is amazing.


Wow that's great, keep up the good work, good luck with the running


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