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Bloated on diet?

Hi. On my diet I'll have cereal for breakfast (Special K) and a salad of chicken tomatoes red onion lettuce for lunch. After lunch I get extremely bloated and gassy. I've also found that I'm getting a sudden urge to use the toilet after dinner, such as a jacket potato or spag Bol! Any help appreciated. This is getting embarrasing and uncomfortable :(

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I'm not sure about the bloating thing maybe start eliminating each food until you find

what's causing it, but going to the toilet straight after a meal is a good thing it's your digestive system beginning to work properly you should be going around 3 times a day. It's a good thing that you are eating properly :) you should find it easier to lose weight because of this and keep it off.


Hi Lotpot

Is your new way of eating very different to how you eat before? If it's a big change your body may be having problems adjusting.

If you are feeling worried by this, you could always check with your doctor or practise nurse.


Sounds like you have started getting enough fibre and your tummy is having a hissy fit. If it's fibre then it should settle down if you stick with it. You could also go to the doctor just to check it's not something more serious.


Could be ibs triggered by certain foods, could be your body getting used to the new eating habits. Is there something you are eating now that you never ate before, if it becomes too uncomfortable talk to your gp you may have an intolerance to something. Hope you find whats wrong soon


Another thing: check the sugar content on Special K. I don't eat cereal but heard they are generally full of sugar. If so, it does not help in loosing weight.


Yup. Masses of sweet things in Special K. with sugar and corn syrup there's 4g per serving. It's up to you.

Onions may contribute to the gassy problem, if they make up a large part of a diet, they make a lot of sulphuric acid and hydrogen sulphide. Tomatoes (and all the nightshade family) can be irritants.

Good luck.


Red onion, a lot of IBS suffers can't eat onion it sets there symptoms off.. But I have friends who don't suffer from IBS but still get gas / bloated ect when they eat Red onions, try swapping it for a little bit of white or try spring onion instead!

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Yes, sounds as if the big change has been a bit much for your digestive system. try eliminating one of the foods for a few days - if the symptoms clear, then reappear when you eat it, you'll know what to avoid. I'd echo the advice of others, though - if you're concerned, go to your gp or practice nurse. They are used to people with IBS & may be able to suggest something. You could also try drinking peppermint tea. That helps shift gas.


Maybee try fennel-aniseed-and-caraway tea. Maybe you can get it from a health shop or the chemist's. When I was breast-feeding I was advised to drink this to help stop my baby getting bad wind. It really helped me, I hope it could help you too.


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