Two weeks on the canals

we are going away for two weeks travelling on the canals. I normally put on weight when we do this as we tend to have more treats and alcohol that we do no normally have at home. I also however usually very active as I do all the locks but with my neck injury the physio has told me not to do any of those activities. I'm worried how I am going to keep the weight down. I'm trying to plan ahead so hopefully that will help.

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  • There seems to be some ambivalence; how can it be a treat if it jeopardises your long-term goals/health?

    As for the alcohol, I can only give my own bias; I gave up about 6 years ago, decided never to go back, and definitely do not regret that decision.

    However, a successful way of life depends more on what you can have than what you don't.

  • Hey first of all worrying and getting stressed over it will make things harder as stress and worry is notorious for making weight loss harder. But by planning ahead i think you are doing the right thing, you can plan meals and healthy snacks. Maybe Stop each day and go for a walk for 30-60mins to keep get some exercise in, alcohol is a personal choice but if you do i would include it into your calories and when you plan ahead. Stay active and eat healthy and enjoy your holiday, a little blip can be sorted once you are back into a normal routine.

  • Thank you I have a plan to walk for an hour a day weather dependant. I have signed up for the my walk app so I can log it. I'm going to write a menu plan this week so I can do a shop. Hopefully it all goes to plan.

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