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Day 1

So I have been on here nearly 2 weeks. Not tried my hardest if I be truthal, going to weigh my self today and start fresh. Anyone have any good tips for what to do? I know calorie counting sound the easiest but I find it very hard as most nights I have dinner at my mums. I am cutting potion size into half of what i normally have and cut all sweets, fizzie drinks, takeaways and having no cheat days. Also how can I forget, going to try an do at least half hour body work out a day. Any tips for not wanting to reach for the pack of biscuits or cake? I need will power. What do you do when you do slip up? Thank you for your help.

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Using an app like MyFitnessPal shows you how many calories are in things like biscuits, this really puts me off.

I pack snacks for the day: turkey or chicken slices; feta and green grapes; black, blue or raspberries. And eat lots of veg, white meat - chicken and fish and avoid eating carbs and fats in the same meal where possible. You can have massive plates of meat and veg and be full for hours. Wholemeal bread with oil and mixed herbs (no butter) is a tasty, Mediterranean snack if you really need a boost or plain popcorn, in the microwave - great low calorie snack!

Sticking to this with runs and high intensity interval training most days has helped me lose 3kg in 2 weeks.


Hi! I find that willpower doesn't work for me. At least not for weight loss. Maybe it's also the same for you? What I need is to get excited by a diet plan and believe that it can work out for me :-) although this doesn't always happen :-(.

For me it helps a bit of planning for my meals, I go to the market once a week (because I enjoy the market with all the stalls and different nice things but you may enjoy something else) and buy healthy tasty food. I try to cook some new recipes from time to time to keep it interesting. I find this fun. I get then so excited about what I'm going to try next that I look forward to my meals. I actually eat much nicer food that when I'm not dieting, so that's great! :-)

Exercise helps me a lot too! Have you tried couch to 5K? I'm running outdoor 3 times a week and I feel so great that without making any effort my cravings seem to be gone...

Finally, are you doing the 12 week diet plan from the NHS?. I am and I find that having a specific plan helps me. And it's probably good to count calories at the beginning, even if you can only estimate them when you have dinner at your mums. AT one point you'll probably start thinking of what you could remove easily from each day...

Good luck with your weight loss!



Congratulation for cutting down your portions and getting away from junk food. It is a very good start. Good on you.


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