A boost to my moral. I am in my 9th week and I have been looking through the wardrobe storing all my "too small" outfits. ( I had a lot more but only kept the best one as souvenirs) and I am now pulling them out and trying some, and THEY FIT. Today I am wearing a lovely purple fleece top I bought in Germany a few years back. Very classy. Beautiful. What is happening now is that going through the wardrobe is like going shopping. Like buying all those new outfits. And bright and happy colours too. now, how about that for encouragement!


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13 Replies

  • This is so cool. I find myself doing the same thing. It's such a good feeling knowing that all your hard work is paying off and you are seeing the results. Well done you :-)

  • Brilliant - well done you!

  • That is brilliant. I have a wardrobe full of clothes that do not fit so will be very happy when they do. Well done

  • I love this! This is the reward for all that hard work. I do the same thing - it is just a brilliant feeling. Now I have lost just over 2 stone I find I have clothes which didn't used to fit and are now too big. Well done!

  • Even better ! Good on you

  • Fabulous, keep up the good work 🌼🌸

  • I know the feeling. I had boxes full of clothes in the loft that I had grown out of and gradually I shrank back into them all. The only thing is I had no excuse to go on a shopping spree when I got to my target weight as I already have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit!

  • Then as a reward you can get the shoes or jewellery to match. Or redecorate the house.... The list is endless.

  • Well done! It's brilliant being able to fit into the smaller clothes again. I have moved down have done from 30/32 to 20/22 size which is great. My problem is that I can't bring myself to throw or give away any of the big clothes, my weight has yoyoed over the years. Have others had this issue and if so what do you suggest I should do! Thanks for the support this forum gives.

  • I usually give to the good Samaritain but if you like some of the material, make something out of it. ....Out with the scissors..... Maybe keep a few items for lazy days when you want to snuggle up by the heater or use them over your new clothes when painting the house. Store them in a plastic tub in the attic and forget about it. You will never need them again because you will not yo yo anymore. My resolution is that once I reach a weight I am happy with, I will give myself 4 pounds maximum to go over. After that, I will just look up NHS again, get motivated and refresh myself about good eating habits.

  • I would take them all to a charity shop. You have done so brilliantly you are never going to want to go back to that size. Keeping clothes just in case is leaving the possibility there - make that commitment to yourself. If you start to put weight back on having to buy a whole new wardrobe might be another incentive - apart from staying healthy - to not go back ther. Keep it up - you can do it!!

  • Thanks for your advise, what you suggest is right, I need to believe in myself that I will not put the weight on again.

  • Wish I could say the same on my 9th week too. But trying harder now... Hungry most of the time. not giving in to nibbles.

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