Need some encouragement

Well this my 3rd week and although I have been walking and swimming and following the diet I don't feel any different. After only losing 2 1/4 pound the first week decided to weigh in every 2 weeks instead. Today I was on the way home from the dentist and was stuck in rush-hour traffic, instead of sitting and waiting I turned off at the first road I came to and found a beefeater pub and had fish and chips. It was wonderful but I am now feeling really annoyed with myself. Not looking forward to weighing in on Monday.


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7 Replies

  • Junijack

    Don't's done log it and tomorrow is another day.

  • I know, at least I refused the dessert.

  • Naughty! Just walk it off. Stick a picture of before and now on your dashboard and if there is temptation, just look at them and grab an apple instead until you get home. Have emergency snacks in your car. You can do it. It is your future at stake.

  • Thanks nhs2015, back on track today.

  • Keep a measured naughty treat in the car then at least it will be easier to count. But as been said count and record your fish and chips then get back on with the good work you have been doing.

  • Back on track today, just had a salad.

  • A few chips etc are not making a big difference. Just keep going... I have not lost any in 4 weeks so now am trying harder. Need to get exercising..

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