OK I'm Back!! for real this time

Hey so I signed up a while ago (not really how long ago it was) and managed to lose 2 stone, but then I derailed and completely side-capped!!

But I'm back and I'm once again going to start the NHS 12 week plan- I'm near to finishing week one and already I can feel myself slacking, it's a really stressful time for me at the moment as I have a dissertation to write, jobs to apply for and a portfolio to finish so feeling the strain.

The good news is I know what I need to stop doing and that is snacking on so much rubbish. It really bad, no I mean R.E.A.L.L.Y. bad everytime I sit down at the computer to start writing I end up snacking on chocolate, crisps and just anything I can grab hold of.

Has anyone got any ideas of easy, quick go to grab healthy snack ideas? I know people say not to have chocolate and things in the house but that doesn't stop me walking to the shops down the road and just buying everything there haha.


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17 Replies

  • No one said it was going to be easy! I've lost 1lb in 2 weeks because I'm cutting down slowly. That's great for me as I was putting on 2lbs a month so it's a good start. Don't think of it as dieting but as taking control. The munching is a hard habit to break. I've been eating loads of apples and carrots. Have you tried chomping on chewing gum? Helps me when I want sweeties.

  • Hey thanks for the reply :)

    I agree it's definitely not easy, but I know there is great benefits to it all. congrats on your weight loss though- I like the sound of what you are doing by cutting down slowly I keep looking at the page and going how am I suppose to do all this in one week haha, I've been good and swapped white for wholemeal and such so yeh I guess I can look at it that way, thanks.

    Ah the good old chewing gum trick, yes I have but i tend to just get bored of chewing and going for fridge after the flavour has run out haha

    I've just read an article about drinking water and it might be because I'm thirsty rather than hungry so I shall try that one.

    As for apples and carrots that sounds good too! I might try them. Thanks so much

  • There's a chewing gum called "Turbulence" and it's watermelon flavoured. It keeps it's taste too so you don't get bored and it's in a sexy black pk. If you are thinking about going down to the shop to get some make sure that's all you get!

  • Am off to look now haha thanks :)

  • Good for you to give it a go again. NHS do give you ideas of snacks. Just check their website. In my case, I cut up celery and carrots sticks , or have an apple, or a cup of peppermint tea with Natvia sugar instead, or a few sultanas, dates, apricot. It works.

    Wanting to dit it means you are halfway there.

  • Also set yourself small goals. You do not want it to happen in one week as it would be unhealthy for your body. Slowly but surely is the best way to go. Then if you indulge, your body can take it and you just make up for it the next few days.

  • I've been there with dissertation etc and as a teacher it is easy to have an unhealthy snack when you are marking and planning. My healthy snack is now chunks of carrot. Cut them up and put them in the fridge. It should help.

  • I would recommend blueberries, grapes and dried mango. And get up often and go for a short brisk walk. Good luck

  • Thank you all. Eeek I found the gum I've also got some watermelon gum by extra that's pretty good too...

    Many people have said carrots and celery but I don't think I can hack them when I have my braces tightened... will definately give grapes and such a go ... and the nhs snacks look interesting too thanks :) ...I've also stared freezing the grapes they taste like sweeties so eek I saw a post of yours saying about sweets being a weakness give them a go!!

  • I've put grapes on my shopping list and am looking forward to trying them when I need a sugar fix. Are you drinking lots of water? That's the only thing I have to consume when I'm on the computer.

  • Haha are you reading my mind?! I brought myself a 1.5 litre bottle and have it next to my computer so every time I feel like eating I'm drinking instead haha great minds ai?

  • I've discovered low fat phillidalphia (spelt that wrong) with tomato or gherkins make a nice sandwich. Not a lot of calories at all. x

  • Ooooh that sounds amazing will definitely give that a go thanks :) ... My sister recommended ryvita with philly and smoked salmon too... Get your fish requirements in :)

  • Confession.... I had a little bit of cake today and a Cadburys kiddies thin bar. Tut, Tut. x

  • Thats nothing compared to me i was really bad today had digestive biscuits, a full blown roast with loads of yorkshire puds ooops, and then to top it off had lemon meringue pie with ice cream ... yes I was very naughty :( ... but tomorrow is a new day and i'm planning the weeks food no slips ups this coming week.

  • Smackie legs for you! I lost 2lbs but have put 1lb back on but it's not a disaster as I haven't given up. My diets would last a day and that would be it but now I am thinking more of making healthy choices.

    I had to make a decision today......... yummy chocolate muffin for £1 or 4 Pink lady apples for £2.40. Found myself thinking "a whole 60p for an apple!" I love those apples and it takes me ages eating one while the muffin would have been gone in a minute. The apples won and I'm really chuffed about that.

    Okay, now we must both promise to do our best next week. I hope you haven't got your fingers crossed! Be good! x

  • I know I know but this week is getting serious :) ... I always think that the conspiracy is that the supermarkets are trying to lure you into buying the unhealthy stuff by making it so cheap, just to get the nation fat ;P

    Well done on you choice though, I shall aspire to you and choose healthier options although I have to say i was slightly naughty yesterday my partners mum brought us a M&S cake selection box and I only had one eclair as they were the lowest of calories of the whole box haha... but I was within my calorie limit so all was good.

    I wish I could eat apples, I'm currently wearing braces so I have to chop everything up which when constantly travelling and having to be out the door early can be a nuisance. I'm binging on watermelon at the moment, as I can cut it up the night before without oxidation occurring. I can't get enough of it!!

    And yes I promise to do my best this week. No fingers crossed! have planned all my runs and looking up fitness classes to go to :)

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