I feel like giving up!

Hello everyone.

I'm 115kg. 5ft 5in tall. 28 year old female. I've tried all my adult life to lose weight. But I just lose a few kg and I give up. Now I have started working out again in the gym for 2 weeks now, but I haven't noticed any changes and my weight still remains same. It's really discouraging. Seems I'm not doing something right.

I'm tired!!!


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  • Don't give up! Have you tried following the NHS 12 week plan on here? Download MyFitnessPal to help you count calories, it'll open your eyes ... It certainly has mine!!! I'm on week 4 and so far so good! Good luck on your journey 🌺

  • I will try it out. Thanks.

  • You haven't gained weight either so something's working for you! Just analyse what works better for you: less carbs, more exercise, more water and counting calories seem to work for everyone. Don't give up on yourself!

  • Thank you for this.

  • Hi there, don't give up the results will start to show both on the scales and in the mirror you just have to give this time. You portion size should be a fist for your carbs which 1 cup measure the palm of your hand for your protein and the rest vegetables, now with regards to the gym you should be looking to get your heart rate up depending on your age which is displayed on the equipment. It shows your age and % your HR should be at when working out.

    You must also know your calories in verses calories out so if you are eating say...1400 cals a day and you work off 500 cals a day then you will have a net total of 900 cal that you didn't burn off. Now you need to know you BMR which is how many calories your body burns in rest mode. This will give you an indication of just how many calories you will burn in total for the whole day.

    So here goes -

    1400 cals from food

    500 cals from exercise

    total net calories left to burn 900 cals

    Example - if your BMR is 1672 then you will have a -772 cals that you would have burned off for that day.

    I hope that this all makes sense as this is the theory I use to lose my weight and it works week after week. You need to know YOUR numbers to have a successful weight loss or it won't work. Try using my fitness pal.

    GOOD LUCK :-)

  • Have you taken measurements of yourself?? Muscle weighs more than fat so you could be losing weigh but toning muscle at the same time so the scales won't change but your shape might be!! I'm in the same head space as you at the min, I lose a lb here but it goes back on a week later, I keep trying to go to the gym but I work long hours so don't have the energy at the end of the day!! I desperately want to lose weigh, but just keep messing up!! Your heading in the right direction keep at it, I'm sure we'll both get there in the end :) xx

  • Thank you. I'm sure we will. Is there a way I can stop the muscles from toning and lose just the fat?

  • You don't really want to stop the muscle, muscle helps to burn fat quicker.. Leading to quicker weight loss!! Unless your lifting heavy weight daily your not gonna end up looking like a body builder, you'll just be slightly more toned, (ie. no bingo wings or wobble thighs) it's a good thing to have a more toned body... Keep at it your doing everything right xx

  • Lol @ bingo wings. Ok, thank you.

  • Food is 80 percent and Exercise is 20 percent of weight loss contribution. You probably are losing fat weight but your body is replacing it with muscle. If you edit the way you eat and keep hydratee the pounds will drop. Here is some help :-

    Have as many egg whites as you want with a couple of egg yolks in the morning or 40 grams of porridge made with water

    fill yourself up with fiborous fruits like figs etc.

    Have salad, cous cous and salmon for lunch, balsamic dressing if you want also.

    If you're feeling hungry have some homemade soup and fruit with a fat free yohgurt

    For dinner have some grilled chicken breasts with sweet potatoe, broccoli, spinach and any other green veggies!

    At night have a low calorie hot chocolate made with water and a drop of milk, every second night have a freddo.

    These last tips are most important -

    cook with frylight!

    eat fat free yohgurt with celery

    dont over excercise

    eat celery and protien

    Make sure you don't eat processed foods

    Eat when your hungry

    Keep hydrated, if you dont like water gey some sugar free diluting juice

    sleep well

    Anyway good luck! I wish you the best! It's Iranian new year today so you can start now for your resolution!

  • Thanks a lot.

  • Don't be discouraged ! Start slow but steady and you will feel much better soon! I started a diet or a new fresh way to eat , also ! 120Kilos and 1.75 Height! Toooo much but I know I can do it as you can also! Smile and be optimistic !!

  • Hi there. I found that if I write down what I eat before I eat it, that helps. It makes you take stock as to what you are eating and gives your brain a chance to think "No, I won't." However, it must be before you eat - at the end of the day, selective amnesia sets in and you forget that Milky Way or packet of crisps. :) Good luck and stick to it.

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