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Do you guys have this issue where you love ones just can't stop themselves and keep offering goodies? "It is good for you" " one won't hurt" ......... Grrrrrrrrr


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12 Replies

  • Ye I have this nearly every day and it does make it ten times harder all you can really do is just tell them u don't want them offering you stuff like that no more x

  • So I am not the only one...

  • No there's lots of us that our loved ones just don't relise how much harder that they are making it x

  • It's really difficult isn't it! DH did the grocery shop at the weekend and despite clear instructions bought pasties for lunch and pizza for tea!!! For once I was happy for him to be playing golf - I avoided the pasty by having leftover soup, but in the evening I was faced with the pizza conundrum ... I don't even like pizza and it just seemed like a complete waste of calories!!! More leftovers saved the day, without making DH too grumpy!!!!

  • We just have to be smart I suppose

  • Don't let the spoilers ruin your hard work, people who do this have obviously never struggled with their weight. Keep on track and stay strong x

  • You are right there

  • I have a couple of friends who if we go out or I go over to their house, insists on keeping asking me if I want things. Last time we were out for her retirement party and I decided I wouldn't have a starter, OH had one and I had a tiny piece of it. My friend then lent across the table and said "I've got olives, you love olives, have one!" "No thank you, I'm fine!" "Oh go on, look Becca has calamari and can't eat it all, you love calamari have some!" "No, I don't want any thank you, please don't keep pushing."

    If people continually push me, even if I would love to have a bit of whatever they are eating I shut down and get very tetchy and stubborn and they don't understand.

    I am Freedom Eating - eating only when hungry (on a scale of 1-10 at a level 6), watching my carbs and they just don't get it that, also as a Type 2 diabetic, there are things that I choose not to eat to excess. Also, because I'm diabetic they all assume I can't eat sweet things, I can, just not to excess and everything in moderation.

  • I am lucky do not have this problem. Was tempted to a carry out Chinese though on Tuesday. I was not getting anywhere with my dieting. Been stuck for a month... So yesterday joined slimming world. I feel starved today. Wish I could get my stomach to shrink. I was eating a big bowl of porridge in the morning. They say 36gm. Also find I was nibbling cheese. Not good.

  • Why don't you try the NHS plan. They just guide you towards healthy eating. You can then all eat the same good healthy meal. You in moderation and with just a few small changes. My husband does not need to loose weight, so he always has his cheese after a meal. I have 10g of it twice a week. He has two potatoes, I have one small one. We have roast lamb or pork, his with sauce, mine without cream in it. I have twice as much veges and so on. It works for us. We cook together and it brings us closer together. We have fun. Remember, small goals. Relax and it will work, even with small setbacks.

  • "One wont kill you" is my least favourite phrase. They are trying to be nice and think they are supporting you by giving you "rewards" but they dont get that, that one treat got us where we are in the first place. I find that by discussing it with my loved ones they dont do it anymore. Even at work they have stopped as they are all rooting for me. They will understand so talk to those doing this

  • You are right there. Actually I was doing it to myself the last few years. I knew I was heavy, but loved creme caramel, and chocolate and cheese... And I would say to myself: it is only for today, only one day won't make a difference.... Ha! I would do the same the next day and so on. Disaster. Now I plan, I am in control. I will allow myself to indulge one day now and again but with a back up plan to balance it all. I will never go back to where I was.

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