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What's best for a man diet?

So, obviously I'm a woman, lol but my partner who is over weight wants to loose some weight!

He loves a variety of food so it's difficult serving him just salad every day x

Where should he start?

He has a very active job, he's a plasterer, so starving him won't be an option!

Although he's work is manual it's the only form of exercise he has time for to x

Can anyone recommend a diet or suggest something that's worked for you?

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A calorie controlled diet could work as he can base his meals round that, doesnt have to always have salad. Or could try the 5:2 diet ive heard it works for some. Best thing he can probably do is keep a food diary for a week or so then, see where he can make healthier changes, i.e. brown bread instead of white, skimmed milk instead of full fat etc. As to exercise why not find time for the 2 of you to go for a walk, quality time and exercise. Hope he finds what works for him

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Sounds good x

I will considor the food diary x


The NHS 12 week plan, would also be worth a look!


Hairy dieters - food that looks and tastes great!

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Use myfitnespal (or fitday if you are in the US) to track what food you eat. Weightwatchers works and has plans for men and women, but it costs of course. Or just count calories. Can you get him to join you on C25K :) ?

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You just need to cut out anything with fat, sugar or empty calories like beer. I know we do need some fat but not much. Loads of veg with chicken pieces done in foil with herbs or spices is great. Potatoes are ok if not cooked in fat.


My husband has always struggled, he had a DVT a couple of years ago and managed to loose a stone (think it gave him a wake up call) but put it back on and more as whenever he dieted he would start getting very cranky when he was hungry, particularly if working.

This year he has gone on to a much slower but more sustainable plan and seems to be working (no cranky I'm hungry everything is your fault mode thankfully) and he has now lost over a stone since Christmas by slighly reducing his portions on his plate, slighly more protein in the form of meat (lean cooking methods) and more veg (using a pressure cooker so takes no more than 10 mins in total for the tastiest veg ever, I grew up on pressure cooked veg and had forgotten how good it tastes and the water in gravy/sauces is good too)

Also we share a treat each day, you need to have treats, just sensibly I guess! So buy things that work out about 100/150 calories each when shared.

Finally walking more using fitbit (collecting Bounts points too, so he likes the idea of earning vouchers for free by just walking with his Fitbit)

Not sure if that is of any use


Eat lots of protein with every meal-you need 1.2 grams of protein for every kilo that you weigh plus 10% if you do heavy or physical work. Eat vegetables and whole fruit, cut out high glycaemic food You would do well to learn about the Glycaemic Index.

I am sure that this will help.

William Finch.


An affair with a beautiful female. That will soon knock an overweight sloppy guy into shape


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