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Hope is useful

Hi I fond this list of things you should look when shopping, This is because when I go to the store its so hard to keep focus on healthy products. I am printing this and will take it with me. I got this from my ex nutritionist. I hope is useful

Shopping List – Handout Session Three

Throw out all the accumulated junk foods that you have lurking in your cupboard. If you have kids – don’t buy junk food for them – unless you want to be on the next episode of “Honey, we are killing the kids!”

Keep plenty of “store cupboard” basics:


Lentils (tinned is easiest)

Chickpeas (tinned is easiest)

Kidney beans (tinned is easiest)


Dried soup mixes (i.e. beans and lentils which you can turn in to soups by adding vegetables)

Hummus (fresh)


Tinned tuna

Tinned mackerel

Tinned wild salmon

Tinned sardines

Tinned tomatoes

Sun dried tomatoes


Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Cashew and Brazil nuts

Pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds

GRAINS Brown rice Quinoa Buckwheat Wholemeal spaghetti and/or wheat-free versions

Oat flakes etc for muesli

Ryebread and/or Pumpernickel bread

Oatcakes and rye crispbreads


Peas and other frozen vegetables

Frozen fresh fruit (e.g. berries)

Packets of fresh fish – eg salmon and cod

Lamb chops




Vegetables– e.g. broccoli, garlic, onions, leeks and tomatoes (these tend to take slightly longer to go off)

Fruit – e.g. apples, pears and berries (keep in the fridge to stop from going off)

Consider: fresh organic chicken once a week – you can have the remains cold, or make a brown rice risotto with left over chicken.

Cottage cheese


The biggest ingredient will be listed first – so watch out for labels that list sugar as the biggest ingredient. If you do not recognise the word – don’t buy the product. Watch out for the amount of fat.

Big no-nos are: hydrogenated fats or oils and aspartame.

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Sounds like you have it all planned out. Should make shopping that much less tempting. Good for you


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