Let myself down big style last night!!! Woke up this morning thinking what an idiot, all the good work done most of the week has been ruined in a couple of hours. I feel as if I'm trapped in this same stone and can't get out of it, if that makes sense? This time last year I was 21 lbs lighter than I am now, I managed to lose that weight in a month by not cheating at all so I know I can do it. Don't know if the disaster was because of something that had happened during the day which I had been annoyed about or if it was watching comic relief and getting emotional. What ever it was I have to try and get myself focused again like last year and get out of this stone. I seem to get within 2lb of escaping it and then do something stupid like last night and I'm back to square one again. AAGGHH!!!


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17 Replies

  • Hi jenica, I know that feeling. What ever it was that triggered this you must tap into that emotion that caused you to let yourself down that way you will learn how to adapt/cope with it in the future.

    I have been trapped in the same stone and like you I was always within 2lbs of escaping it and then I would give up because I didn't want to push myself, the motivation wasn't there. I have broken free of that stone and you can to. You must believe in yourself and know that you can and will have your break through.

    Good luck, you can do it jenica x

  • Thanks for your support and motivation. I will keep trying and like you break out of this stone. So pleased to see that you are now free of the stone and you are right I do need to believe in myself more.

  • Keep going....we can do it !!!!

  • Thanks June, I feel like it is one step forward and two steps back, I know I'm the only one to blame and shouldn't use excuses for pigging. Its a new day, I'll put last night behind me and move on, again!! You are SO right we can do, its so frustrating that I can't keep doing it until I've shifted all these stones!!

  • New day....x

  • Hey we all have bad days and setbacks, the key is how you move on from it. You can beat yourself up and get into old habits which you clearly dont want to do. As long as you can get back on track you can undone the damage over the next few days. A little extra exercise will help wonders. Maybe try and work out what triggered it so you know for the future and can catch yourself before getting back into the old cycle. Stay strong hun youve done well keep up the good work

  • Don't feel as guilty as I did this morning fibronfedup, will take me a few days to get really focused again I think. Suspect something that happened in the afternoon made me so annoyed that the more I thought about it, well .... You think you have broken the habits and then something triggers it again-so frustrating!

  • It is frustrating but just think how far you have come, dont let one setback ruin all your good work

  • Jenica,

    Well - I'm glad you posted what you did, because I too went overboard last night DURING Comic Relief and ate all sorts of rubbish that I have been avoiding for some months...........

    I also would normally use the word Disaster - but I think we should just try and think of it as a Blip.

    The trouble started with some fairy cakes bought at work for Comic Relief - and I am not going to go into how many calories I ate during the evening but it was hard to stop.

  • Thanks Miopus, this morning it felt like a disaster but tonight will think of it as a blip. Must have been all the emotion last night in comic relief that triggered the both of us pigging out. Don't know if you have seen jogger girl message but she sent me a blog from someone else with same problems as us , I read it and after reading it I must admit today/night has been great day for me so I'm hoping it is on going and I can stop pigging out and lose the weight. Doing one day at a time and fingers crossed if I read it on a daily basis it will keep me motivated!

  • Don't worry! I know that feeling! Although I made some progress this week- I made some bad food decisions and I was just thinking- Why??? Why ruin all the good efforts. It's such a easy trap but going forward I am just going to try and focus on my goal weight and how happy I will feel to reach it and saying no now to all the treats would have been worth it! You can do it too :)

  • You sound really positive-well done!

  • Jenica,

    Yes I did read that. I also read something about emotional eating and logic. I think we must have been consumed by Comic Relief emotion Friday night - after doing so well eating healthily for so long, I polished off a whole day's calories and more just watching that programme............which upset me quite a lot.

    A trick to combat this might be writing down in a logical sort of way (well, that was what was suggested) the reasons why sabotaging your good dietary efforts might not be the way forward when you're thinking about eating a load of unhealthy stuff that you might have knocking around the place. The hope is that this logic will overcome the more emotional side of you.

    Probably worth a try - what have we got to lose ?

    P.S. I'm not buying those scrummy Marks and Spencers chocolate marshmallow teacakes again - they weren't worth it.

  • Like you I can eat the same amount of calories, and even more than consumed in the day but am really going to try-have had one good day yesterday so will try and achieve the same today, even though its Mothers day!! Definitely won't be watching Comic relief next year LOL

  • You haven't ruined anything - just get back on the diet horse today and you will he fine! I know what you mean about being trapped in the stone - have been yo yoing around in mine since Christmas! Just need some added willpower to get going again! You will get there - try walking every night this week and see if that works x

  • Its good to know that other people also experience the stone incidence but as you say we just need to get going. I'm in the gym most days, night time is my downfall x

  • Thanks everyone for comments and support, if we all stay focused or just keep chatting on this site I'm sure we'll get to target eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later!! Good luck for another week ahead x

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