Week 10 weigh in

Good morning everyone,

Well today I weighed in and I am pleased to report that I have lost 3 lbs this week.

So in total I have managed to lose 31 lbs in 10 weeks.

I am really proud of myself. I am well motivated and seeing this loss today will spur me on in the coming weeks to continue to work on me and for me.

This week I have completed 2, 5k runs on the treadmill, so I am really proud that I was able to do this in week 10.

Thank you to everyone on the forum who have given me their support and encouraging words which really does help me in my journey.

Good luck to everyone on their journeys x


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27 Replies

  • That is really good, you should be proud of your self [we are proud for you too].It helps to hear from other people it keeps us all motivated.

    paul x

  • Hi paul-j, thank you so much this really means alot to me :-) x

  • Brilliant! Very well done! Inspiring!

  • Good morning judywood. Thank you x

  • well done thats a good weight loss and good motivation

  • Hi Windswept1, thank you x

  • Good to hear that! You've lost a lot of weight! This programme has really worked for you! Have a good week 11!

  • Morning HRHGaby :-) thank you and following this programme has made a big difference as well as all the support I have received along the way from yourself and others on here. Staying focused and motivated for week 11. Thanks again x

  • 3 pounds in week 10!! That's great! Also well done on the running! I think feeling fitter is one of the best things about losing weight :)

  • Hi rachel1991, becoming fitter is what makes this journey so enjoyable and being able to run is a great achievement for me, it's been yrs since I have run. Thank you for your support x

  • Brilliant, well done 👏👏👏

  • Thank you x

  • Well done that is great!! You have worked so hard and deserve every lb :-) keep it up

  • thank u x

  • Good on you! You are magic.

  • aww thank you x

  • Yay!

  • Well done. Amazing loss in 10 weeks. You must see a great difference. Thank you for sharing and keeping the group motivated.

  • Hi Geralynn, I do see a difference and feel much better and am more confident. I look forward to what the future holds.

    Thank you x

  • Absolutely fantastic news. Well done and Congratulations.

  • thank you mum1955.

  • That's amazing well done!! What diet are you following please?

  • Hi Prilli1973, I follow my own really. I have breakfast usually weetabix or scrambled egg baked beans on brown toast. Lunch is either a turkey salad on brown/pita or a soup. I have a snack at 11am which is fruit and maybe 2-4 crackers with small amount of butter and dinner a smaller and healthier version of what I have always cooked but replaced with brown rice or pasta. I have recently introduced quinoa into my diet which is also fantastic.

    I never eat after 5:30 at the latest 6pm and I work out in the evening so never get hungry later and drink plenty of water.

    To fill any gaps where I may feel a little hunger pang in between any meal I also have a white coffee with sweetener.

    The main thing to remember when preparing a dinner is to have a fist size for your carbs a palm for your protein and the rest vegetables and I have plenty of them. When cooking with pasta I always add broccoli to bulk it up and these you can cook in the same pan.

    The main thing that keeps me motivated is my workouts and making sure I never do the same thing week after week. I change things up every week and always reach a new goal. I also mix both cardio and weights into my routine and do interval training getting the heart rate up to 156 - 160 and I love climbing on the treadmill I've been up to an incline of 11 which is bloody hard but I love to push myself. So this is me in a nut shell and that's the short version :-) Hope this helps you to understand the "how" and "what" I have been doing on my journey.

    One more thing to add to this is understanding calories in verses calories out and finding out your body's BMR when you are at rest. Once you figure this out then you should have a consistent weight loss as I have if you haven't already. Any other tips please don't hesitate to send me a message. Again I hope this helps

  • Thank you for your response have just worked out my BMR I'm hoping it's going to help. I go to the gym lots I love it and I think that's the problem as I'm building muscle !! Thank you for taking the time to email me all your useful tips😊

  • Well done you, that is amazing. Thank you for the inspiration x

  • Hi wombat3838, thank you for your reply and I am glad I have inspired you. I hope you are also doing well on your journey. Here's to a successful wk ahead :-)

    Have a read of the reply I sent on this post it may help you on your journey. Someone asked me a qu and I have given a short version of the answer to how I have reached my weight loss to date.

  • I will give it a read. Thank you Trafford 1 hope that you have a great week x

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