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Hiii everyone its been a while i was just wondering if anyone knows if i eat just enough protein a day will i keep the muscle i currently have cause from past experiences I’ve lost a lost of muscle on a simple weight loss diet and i afraid to lose anymore cause i know its pain to get back i want to do cardio and strength training three days a week :) I've looked all over the internet and i keep reading different things that one things is wrong and the other is right then someone else says that wrong and it’s just really confusing the hell out me :S

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Hi im not really sure but i do know that strength training helps build and tone muscles so that will help for sure and the cardio will help you to lose weight. Im sure if you are eating enough nutrition you should be fine


Hi, I do weight training and cardio and mix the two into one work out cause this is what I enjoy and building muscle helps to burn extra calories which helps burn fat so both are good for you and will help you lose weight.

I have lost 2 stones in 9 weeks with healthy food choices and exercise. I work on a new routine every week so that my body doesn't get used to the same thing. I love it and find it really does work. I hope this helps :-) What ever you chose to do...have fun doing it :-)

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It's almost inevitable that you will lose some muscle as you lose weight, but if you lift weights and eat well including 'enough' protein, you will minimise muscle loss. How much is enough? I'm not sure, but there is loads of advice on the internet. I usually have a protein shake after each workout, and one with breakfast. Not very scientific I know.


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