Trying for another baby

Trying for our second baby. Disheartened this morning at realising this month again is not the month for us. So decided Instead of feeling low that actually we want to concentrate on feeling the fittest and healthiest we can before we have another child. I kept about a stone on after having my son who is now 2!! And I'm now bmi 31.1, if I fell pregnant now I know I would struggle to keep my weight down and lose it after. As well as it not being good for the I'm joining you all, my first time on I'm very excited! :)

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  • Sorry to hear it didnt happen for you. But love the positive attitude seems like you are in a great frame of mind to start. Good luck hope you reach your goal. The nhs 12 week plan is a great place to start. All the best keep us informed of your progress

  • Thanks , will do :)

  • That's so good ! Turning it around like that, and a wonderful present for your 2nd child...... a fitter, and healthier mam has got to be a good thing !!!

    All the very best to you, trierisme xx

  • Hello 🌼good luck on your journey 🌺

  • Good on you!

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