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week 2...2lbs down...yipee

I am delighted as I wasn't great with food but I am still eating a lot less and better than I was so and getting walks or runs in when I can. so, started at 159.8lbs now I'm 156lbs so 2 more an i'll be 11 stone which would really motivate me to get to the 10 stone something mark, so I am going to really do my best for a 2lb loss next week. Mothers day will be a challenge but i'll do my best. Good luck everyone.

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Have a good week..feb was birthday had box chocolates...then a few extra biscults..so put weight on..mothers day no chocolates, please..not making me any better! but the thought counts..♥♥ have a good mothers day..


Well done thats great. Keep up the good work and im sure you will reach your goal


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