Just keep going

This is my 13th week and I'm close to being 2 stone lighter and I'm determined to keep going. My last 2 weeks have not been the best, one due to just losing track and the other because of 2 birthday events in the same week. I've now got nothing until I go away on holiday in mid April and I want to be at 2 and a half stone off by then, which is 10 pounds. Hoping the scale goes down this week after the 2 previous weeks and have been looking into different, fun exercising that I can do with friends. I'm off to a roller disco tomorrow and hopefully a trampolining class next week.

I hope everyone else is feeling as determined as me this week and I hope it lasts!


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6 Replies

  • 👏👏👏that's brilliant, well done 🌻

    I feel a bit apprehensive about this coming weekend ... Sunday being Mother's day and Monday being my birthday!!! But as I keep reminding myself, there will always be something and this is a lifestyle change, not a diet 😉

    Keep up your good work ... Eyes fixed firmly on your goal 🌻

  • I know what you mean, but that's how i see it now it's a lifestyle change and in life people have treats and I have found that allowing myself a lunch out with friends during the week doesn't affect my weight loss as long as i'm healthy the rest of the week. The big issue is when I've said on Wednesday well I've ruined it now. Enjoy Mother's day but be healthy the rest of the week and I bet you'll still lose weight.

  • Thanks 🌼I plan to be in control ... Eating out on Sunday will be a carvery, so I can load up on meat and veg ... As for my birthday I will just have to stick to the plan (and hope my presents don't all end up bring chocolate and wine!!)

  • It's great to read such inspirational posts, thanks! Let's keep going then!

  • Hey well done you have done really well. Just focus on your goals and healthy eating and exercise and im sure you can do it. Having a couple slow weeks isnt always a bad things as your body gets a bit of a shock i find. Your back on track. Keep up the good work

  • Well done, hope I can mirror your determination.

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