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Help! Can't swim a length!


Went swimming last night for the first time in about 10 years and it was a complete disaster, if it wasn't bad enough not being able to perform, the beaming grin of a small boy after successfully swimming 34 lengths has really knocked my confidence.

Is there any advice at all that anyone can give me? I'm 25, 10st and not scared of water.. just huffy and puffy, put off and determined to swim well to be healthy and active. Can breaststroke about 20 meters, completely lose breath then start to sink

I would be so grateful of any info or hints ^_^

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I havent been swimming to do exercise in about 2 and a half years. I always take my two year old neice - So i Obviously do not gain any exercise. I am going tonight to see how I can do!


Do a little, rest a little, do a bit more.

Always leave yourself wanting more. If you didn't do enough to tax your reserves sufficiently to adapt by improving, do a bit more next time.

Try not to overdo it; too much is as bad as too little.

Above all, be safe, and enjoy!


Just keep going. I did a lot of swimming a few years ago and could barely do 25 metres but within only a few weeks of swimming 3 times a week I was up 20 50 metre lengths per session. Usually had a short rest every 100 metres but I was pretty unfit. So just keep it will get easier every time you go.


Hey, swimming is my regular go to exercise, it gets easier the more you go. Might sound daft but it could be your breathing that's not helping. Personally i stick to front crawl because it's the only way I don't end up with lungfuls of water.


If you're using the local pool ask them about lessons or try some aqua aerobics to build up a bit of Fitness? Good luck on your weightloss journey


May be you're trying to go to fast slow it down and relax. Nice smooth strokes wide arm and leg movements Don't give up keep going


Thankyou all so much for sharing and encouraging me, even though I'm not great at the moment.. my head is really in it. I can't wait to be swimming more and more each time, become a little bit obsessed with it! Can't wait to see thephysical changes too :) Ju, i think i am going too fast and knackering myself out, constantly trying to keep my head above the water then freaking out when I'm too tired to carry on.. going to invest in some goggles so I'm not as bothered about going under.. Sueper, that much progress is so little time? Woah! Can't not WAIT to share the same story!

Thankyou all so much!


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