Plateau Reached

On the 1st of August last year, being a 55year old inactive male couch potato, weighing in at 320lbs I set myself 2 goals - One to lose 70lbs and the other to complete a Parkrun in under 40mins.

I have completed the Parkrun but I am still 7lbs short of my 70lb target. I am still Obese (even when I reach my initial target).

My concern is I seem to have stalled losing weight - since 1st of Jan only 10lbs lost. - I am exercising more and still eating the same as I was previously (when I was losing 2-3lbs every week). Although I have only 7lbs to go to reach my initial target realistically I still have 30+ pounds to lose before I reach a healthy weight.

I am afraid that if I don't keep my momentum going I will revert back to my old habits.

Has anybody any ideas on how to re-energise and kick start my weight loss campaign and stop me falling of the rails.



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12 Replies

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  • Hi! You've done a great work and probably look nothing like the "old you". Maybe you could check out this list of foods that are great fat burners to boost your metabolism a bit. Good luck!

  • Thank you - I will give some of these foods a try.

  • Well done πŸ‘πŸ‘have you tried the 5k+ podcasts? There's one called 'Speed' which is an interval training, fat burning run ... Still with Laura and a really good workout! Good luck πŸ‘

  • Thank you - I have found the podcasts - will download and start straight away - will let you know how I get on,

  • Excellent πŸ‘

  • Hi

    I have just restarted today, having put a lot of weight on over the past few months. It is very difficult to stay strong, but you have done amazingly well, and that last 7 pounds can be a bit tricky. I think you'll find it will go, it might just take a little while. Previously when I've been stuck I tried the 5.2 for a few weeks and that really seemed to make a difference, probably gave my metabolism a kick start. I think you should be very proud of yourself. Hang on to that thought, and how much healthier and happier you are now.

  • You have done really well. Well done. We all plateau at one point or another, i recommend shaking things up abit, change what you eat a little bit i.e. cut out bread or swop pasta to rice or cous cous for a week or so, and change what exercises you do if normally use a cross trainer try bike or treadmill for a change. Find what works best for you, sometimes our bodies get used to our routines and we just need to shake it up a bit. Good luck and keep up the good work

  • Thanks - I will try something different - I will let you know how I get on.

  • 10lbs since January is still about 1lb a week which is really good.

    Also remember that as you lose weight then you have to keep cutting down the amount that you can eat as your body is burning less calories.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, you have done so well so please don't give up. You've reached 90% of your weight loss goal which is very impressive. Do you really want to feel the way you did with those 63 extra pounds?! No doubt you have changed so many things in your life that you won't even manage to slip back into your old ways (I am hoping that will happen to me soon!). Maybe change things up a bit and check out how many calories you need to intake, this has no doubt gone down since you were heavier (you probably know this already). I can't do the fasting thing but 2 days a week I have 1000 calories a day and that seems to be working for me, so maybe try something like that.

    You are doing brilliantly so keep it up and maybe set yourself another running challenge so you are not just focusing on your weight.

    Good luck! Sue

  • Do you know how amazing you are??? You'll be such an inspiration to many on here (and to people who know you and have been watching the transformation.) Don't focus on this plateau, just stick to healthy food, and maybe cut out something with a daily calorific value of 100/200, for the week. Don't weigh in till you've done the week! Or maybe the fortnight? Recalculate your BMR calories with your new statistics. You might find you need fewer calories to lose. But what an amazing achievement, and who am I to be telling you anything? You're the guru.

  • Hello. You,ve done so well please dont give up. It takes ur body 3 weeks to get used to your exercise routine and then you need to change it, always push yourself harder. Try interval training its the best and you burn fat hours later. good luck.

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