I need some encouragement...please

Hi, i am new i just signed up yesterday for weight loss NHS. I got married last year and i didn't love the way i looked. I have been struggling with my weight from childhood. I am so ashame to even undress infront of my husband because i don't feel good about myself. I am at my highest weight 138kg and i think it's time for me to challenge myself and do something positive for myself and I would appreciate some words of encouragement. Thx

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  • Welcome Marly. Everyone on here is really supportive and can give brilliant tips, I often just read others posts to give myself inspiration and a bit of a boost. I dont always lose, i dont always follow the plan, but i am getting healthier and happier daily. I am following a low cal diet and actually looking forward to food and enjoying it so much more. the variety i have now is unreal.

    wishing you all the best and hoping this works well for you x

  • Thank you very much for ur words of encouragement

  • Well done on making a start:) If your new to this then start by making it simple make healthy food choices and move more. I've not had a good weekend but know how to get back on track.

  • Thanks so much

  • Hi, I agree with other person about starting making different choices cause if you go in starting restricting everything, you'll fail, so just change a few things a day and see how your first week goes. I am on 2nd week, even had a Cadburys twirl today as I just "needed" it but means my lunch is fruit and my dinner is soup, but I know that, so that's fine and i'll still be under my calories, also got in a short walk. Scales not moving a lot yet but def see difference in clothes so do your best, its the best website I've come across over the years. Good Luck.

  • Thanks so much i am really motivated

  • Hi there, I'm on week 3 of the NHS 12 week plan and use MyFitnessPal alongside it to count calories, plan meals and keep track of portion sizes ... I have amazed myself by sticking to it, even through 2 weekends!! Good luck on your journey 🌻

  • You have taken the first step by joining this site and we can do this together

  • Hi there!

    Well you've made a start so that's a big step in the right direction.

    Remember start with small alterations perhaps cut down on portions, build in a little bit of exercise. If you drink or eat sweeties every day , try every other day.

    Start small and then build in other things like less calories a day , more exercise etc.

    It also helps to look at this way of eating as a permanent healthy eating programme and not dieting. So it's important to find ways that will fit in with your lifestyle and food that you really like to eat. That way you will be successful!

    Enjoy your journey !

  • Sorry to hear you are not feeling good in yourself. The key for me has been to get more active. Even just a walk a lunch time really lifts my mood and helps keep me motivated. Today I walked two miles and burnt 200 calories as well as cheered myself up.

    Good luck!

  • Hi and welcome.I'm trying the 5.2 approach at the moment and it seems to be working .I still struggle some days because I love any thing sweet .Sweets ,biscuits ,cake .We go out quite a lot and its all so tempting.I have lost 7 lbs since Xmas, so I must be doing some thing right .Good luck .

  • Hi Marly, welcome to the forum I only joined a few days ago on the advice of my dietitian. As you said there is so much support here, I feel that I can express things here that I won't say out loud to people.

    I have lost 6+stone in the last 17 months and still have a long way to go, I agree with advice to start by cutting out, as far as possible things like cake and biscuits, eat 3 good meals a day plus health snacks and try if possible to be a little bit more active. Set yourself small, attainable targets and remember that not putting on any more weight is also an achievement.

    I know it can be difficult to feel attractive but don't forget your husband did marry you last year he loves you!

    Best wishes Ros1 x

  • Hi was going to say exactly what Ros said. Your husband married you and loves you, so you must try and love yourself too! There is so much inspiration to be had on this forum. I'm sure having taken the first steps, you are going to succeed. X

  • I know how you feel. I am on here for the same reasons!!

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