Night snacker!

I get so annoyed with myself!! I know all there is to know about healthy eating and exercise. I achieve/do this every day until about 7-8pm onwards and then for some reason I just pig out. ??? I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, its as if I'm looking for satisfaction but don't know what I want, if that makes sense? Its a habit I guess, but if I'm on holiday or somewhere else then I don't do it!! Based on my daily food intake and exercise I should have the most amazing figure but my night time downfalls are ruining everything!! I have good intentions that when the adverts come on tv or I have the urge to pig out that I will exercise or do something else but that intention doesn't last long, if at all. I don't think I'm bored but the fact I am great during the day...... why am I doing this to myself?


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15 Replies

  • I'm exactly the same, great all week, then let myself down at weekends because the routine of Monday to Friday goes out the window. Why do we do it to ourselves!!!!!

  • Are you sure you are eating enough during the day? Also you could try having meals high in protein for dinner, I think that could help you.

  • I eat sensible in day, protein etc and just pig out at night, if I could break that habit permanently then I'd look great and be down to target.

  • I can totally relate to this. I'm healthy all day because I have routine. Then in the evening I just want to relax and have nice snacks after my dinner. I have a whole load of healthy snacks that I've introduced to combat this like melon, options hot choc, raisins etc. but still keep slipping back into bad habits. Not eating enough during the day could be one reason, another could be over-reliance on routine, another could be absent-minded snacking. The first is obvious to solve, the second could be solved by introducing a whole load of evening routines (but when to relax?), the third probably needs strong self-discipline such as through cbt or only letting yourself eat away from the tv, sitting at a table, i.e. no food while on couch, or no alcohol after 8pm, blah blah. Let me know if you get anywhere with this! Looking for tips myself :)

  • Hi I'm just the same.So good during day then evenings every good intention goes out the window .I can even eat things I don't really like which is so silly.I think its just a bad habit with me .Wish I knew how to stop.

  • Thanks everyone for your support/comments. I can eat as much in that short time as I do in the whole of the day. Having said that after writing this morning on this page I've been good tonight. Fingers crossed for tomorrow now!

  • Hi, I have the same problem. No real interest in food during the day but in the evening after dinner all I want to do is eat. I am trying to stick with fruit and low fat yoghurts but still have 2 of these snacks an evening. Before I started trying to be healthy I would eat dinner, a bar of chocolate and 3 or so chocolate biscuits without even really registering what I was putting in my mouth. The intention is to reduce the evening snacks to one healthy one a night and I am making progress. Also I have worked out calories for snacks so I know a strip of chocolate (the one I buy) is 100 calories, the yoghurts about 60 calories etc. So I let myself have 2 60 calorie snack or 1 100 calories snack each night. If I am desperate I have a sugar free jelly which is less than 10 cals with a small amount of low fat squirty cream.

    I still sit there in the evenings just wanting to eat constantly and I have no idea why I want to eat or even what I want to eat I just want something - this is easing gradually. What a crazy nightmare hey!

    I have only been doing this since January but I am slowly changing my habits and hopeful I will stick with it when I eventually find it!

    I hope my tips help a bit and good luck!


  • Hi Sue, it is so frustrating. The morning I wrote on this page whether just writing problem down don't really know but I had a great night, did not cheat at all. I thought I'd do the same the next day but didn't seem to have time in morning and blow me I pigged out last night. No time again this morning to write on comp and have been quite good up to now so maybe writing down does make a difference ?? lets see if I can make it through the night. Must admit did have 85% choice bar after lunch so hopefully that will stop me wanting anything bad. Going out for meal later so should not be tempted to pig out. Don't know why but I don't pig when I'm out and about.

  • have you tried having a drink at these times ? I dont mean alcohol but perhaps a fruit tea and then chew some gum as that give you the chewing action but not the food. Be careful which gum you chose though , as some have sugar in them and limit yourself to one but chew it forever ! 😉

    I find that helps me. I also have Snack a Jacks or French Fries as a treat as they're quite low in calories or Satsumas. I like Satsumas as they take a while to peel and eating them just one segment at a time with a fruit tea satisfies my desire to eat......or the ' munchies' as I call it !

    Stick with it ! You just gave to find ways round it that's all. 😉

  • for some reason reply has gone further down, I drink lots of fluids, do like sugar free tonic and low sugar juice combined with ice plus heal teas.

  • Ladies.... I'd recommend that you log all your food on My Fitness Pal. It's a real eye opener!

    It may help you make better choices with your snacks. 😘

  • I'm on fitness pal and it is good. Not sure about cals burnt when exercising, especially as quite high with just yoga or stretch class.

  • unfortunately if I had bag of fries I'd want more! I've chewy in my bag but wouldn't think of using at night, don't know why!

  • Thanks jogger girl I just read that blog and it is good, will follow it through on the site she recommends.

  • Blog must have done me some good/got into my thoughts cos I've not cheated tonight at all. Thanks jogger girl, wouldn't it be brilliant if it works for me too long term, hopefully I can keep it up-thinking daily rather than weekly cos that will probably be tempting fate.

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